Father's Day dinner and fun

I'm running out of time. :) So I'll be a little less long-winded than normal.

Eric and Hayley had us all out for dinner, s'mores, and games on Father's Day. Very generous of them, and of the folks who live in the main house and actually own the backyard we played in.

While we were there, Nick helped me actually learn to use a feature on my camera that was different than the "auto" button. MIRACLE! It made all these pictures, which are in the major shade, actually come out. changed my life. made a little over-exposure happen at times, but I see it as a definite net good.

I'm going to let the pictures speak for themselves:

Happy Father's Day!


alliehoopes said…
did brother know she was the one because she looks like she could be a stone sister? also I wouldn't be sad if my son grew up and looked like nick. they almost have the same hair already. happy fathers day, walt. next time come to the farmers market with us!
Michelle, you look pretty in all of the pictures. I like your new haircut.