family and family and family and skunks in logan

Logan has always been reserved almost 100% for family stuff. This weekend proved no different. friends in Logan, forgive me--when my husband is with me next time, we will bombard you, I promise.

We got to stay at Uncle Dave's beautiful home, and were happy to have cousin Katie a host since her dad was vacationing in Oregon. Katie was there for a wedding, and kept coming upstairs dressed in these gorgeous outfits. What a beauty:

Gigi brought out popsicles at one point, and they were enjoyed by everyone until Zane got a brain freeze:


This is what I get when I tell my kids to lean in for pictures:

One night, my dad took me and Emmy out to Paradise, where my Grandpa White's trout farm is. Look at this place. Can you see why it's called Paradise?

We would have stayed longer, but we turned around and noticed a family of SKUNKS running towards us on the road. YIKES! leave leave leave, you got it:

We even stopped and told stories with my mom's cousin John, who was a complete hoot. Looked just like my grampa, too. no pictures though. we figured driving onto his property and beyond, then getting a full tour of the old house was invasive enough.

After the farm, we went to the cemetery, because I'd never been. Because of the aforementioned story telling, we didn't arrive until the sun was down, so the pictures aren't fabulous. still, we smiled and mimi and clark, and uncle bob, and several other white relatives:

Then Sunday we spent the day with Ginger and Jim, enjoying their beautiful home (including a newly remodeled kitchen!) and birdies:

Katie also introduced us to the funnest game for a gaming system since Dance Dance Revolution. Picture this: 30+ songs, from all different eras and styles, and you hold the wii wand and shake it like you're looking in a mirror. Who knew I could dance to "Can't touch this" AND "Who let the dogs out?" AND "Le Freak?" Seriously, it was like dance lessons in a bottle--like being in your own music video--it was also an amazingly disguised aerobics lesson, but don't tell the Stone family. We had WAY too much fun to be exercising. Here we all are (except me, the sneaky photographer), doing "FAME!":

We even got to bring it home and share it with the rest of the fam. Here's "Eye of the Tiger":

So, farewell to Logan, until next time (these are the Wellsville Mtns, looking out from Dave's street):

And hello again to American Fork, where summer has ALMOST arrived, but not quite. Here's Zane trying to love the water and Annie telling me it's "TOOOOOOLLLLLDDDD."

Hey and guess what I got another haircut today. I'll show you soon. :)


Danny Brownell said…
We hope to get bombarded someday! It has been too long!
Ann Marie said…
It is absolutely beautiful and looks so fun being with family. My favorite though are the dance pictures, especially Zane.