end of the rainbow..and the jewel thief..and grantsville

Have you ever wondered what's at the end of the rainbow?

Well, turns out it's my parents' house:

cool, eh? (and look, our old green civic is there too!)

If you're Annie, life at the end of the rainbow includes beautiful things like necklaces and bracelets and earrings galore:

She's never seen this kind of happiness at our house, even though I keep claiming to Brandon that I might start collecting similar treasures when he makes more than $8 an hour again. (babe, I know you make more than $8 an hour. I'm just worried that if we were really to divide it all out, it would be closer to it than we care to admit...) In the meantime, Gigi's bounteous supply will do.

Annie also takes all the coins from bampa's dresser drawer. and all the gum from emmy's bag. sneaky pete.

So, our latest adventure on this epic trip took us out to Grantsville, where cousin Julie lives with dear husband Joe and their 5 sweet kids. Seriously, these kids were polite, gave positive attention to both of my kids, complimented me on my cookies, kicked eric's trash in soccer (but not hayley...she held her own) and held open my door. Julie and Joe, I'll be calling regularly for parenting advice. and running advice. or maybe you could just write a book or two. I'll buy multiple copies.

It was a delightful night. We played soccer:

We blew bubbles:

We ate good food (Julie, this was my best photo of the night. Hope it's okay to put him on full display...no names, to protect the innocent. the cute innocent):

And ate more good food:

Annie got cozy on the love sac with Eric:

We played more soccer:

Throughout the night, Walt talked garden talk with both Joe and Julie. Another book opportunity here, Julie:

Annie blew more bubbles, and when I say "blew" I really mean "licked the green bubble stick each time," hence the close-up tongue shot. I tell you what. she won't eat most food, but she'll eat bubble juice. sigh:

And I kept waiting for the lighting to chill out a bit so I could pretend to be a fancy photographer. But alas, it didn't. So instead I just had everyone turn around on the count of 3. The only person I missed was Annie, sitting on my mom's lap:

oh yeah, and the 3 boys playing bionicle man upstairs:

My spell check does not like "bionicle," but Zane sure did.

In fact, at one point, Zane sat down on the couch next to me, sighed and said, "This place feels like home sweet home." I couldn't agree more, Julie and Joe. Thank you SO MUCH for hosting us. And good luck at Ragnar this weekend.

On the way home, my dad tried to trick us into going to Wendover (read: took I-80 W instead of I-80 E) but only made it 16 miles until one of us noticed and made him turn around (read: out in the middle of nowhere, when you take a wrong turn, you suffer the consequences for at least 16 miles until the next exit). Because of the slight detour, we caught some amazing views of the actual Salt Lake on our way back to civilization:

Not too bad, eh? Emmy took both pictures, thank you very much.

So, we continue to have a great time. I keep saying the phrase "that's going on the blog" but then I forget and forget. I think I had better put this next one on, for that reason. Today we got to chill once more with Megan and her little cutie, Solomon who we call 'Sol.' ( and who she gave me permission to name on this blog). At one point, Zane was talking about him and said to Megan, "You know, your son Salt?"

Totally awesome.

Thanks for the additional pictures, Megan. You totally rocked "Just Dance," 7 1/2 months pregnant and everything.

Phew, I'm caught up on my pictures! I guess we'd better head out tomorrow for more adventures. Next stop: Alyson then Maria. Bring it!


Louisa said…
Looks like so much fun! I have to say I met up with one of your old friends from Laramie. Lauren and her cuties at the pool yesterday. She approached me and started talking. She recognized me because Geoff's cousin babysits her little guy and we have been at a couple of the same family events. What a small world. She is such a nice girl. Continue with the fun. Our turn to visit the northern country comes next week. Not sure I will be as good at posting as you have been. It was fun to read all about your adventures. Love to you guys!
Ann Marie said…
Is Julie in the same Ragnor Relay Alyson is in? The race is from somewhere to Park City?
Joe & Julie said…
Michelle, Thanks for coming to party with us. You took some great photos! I laughed when you talked about heading to Wendover. What a beautiful sunset though. We loved having you come. Visit anytime!