yes, this first one is a true story

Brandon's been working with Zane, teaching him alternatives to the ever popular phrase: "She (or he) is BUGGING me!"

Fast forward to tonight, after we'd put both kids to bed in the same room (same because it's the only air-conditioned one). Zane came out with this explanation: "Mom, Annie was really hashing my mellow, so I told her I was going to come and tell you and she couldn't come, so that's why she's crying."

I'm sorry Zane, did you just say "hashing my mellow?"

wow. I mean, wow.


In other news, we are at war with ants over here. All the native folks tell us they are a part of normal life in FL, but we won't have it. However, it's a bit like living through a rainstorm with a leaky roof: you patch holes (in our case, with packing tape) and new ones sprout up with more of the problem.

And you'll never guess what, but they LOVE my kashi go-lean crunch. As in, they completely bypass the 18 other available boxes of things on our shelf, and go STRAIGHT for the kashi.

Brandon tells me this should make me feel happier about the ingredients thereof.

But I'm just mad. After all, I don't like to share my kashi go-lean crunch!


We leave for our trip in 9 hours (aka 5:30 in the morning). I'd better get my 2-year-old, high-heel wearin', magic wand totin', whole carrot chompin' princess (I pinta aurora mommy, I pinta aurora!) to sleep (after the hashing my mellow comment, she had to "stay out of the room until Zane fell asleep." gotta love that he thinks that's a punishment for her), and peace out myself!


Cassidi said…
Oh, my heck! Hashing my mellow? Is that what he meant to say? So funny!
Rae said…
I'm loving that- they can hash my mellow any day. Have a wonderful time on the trip!
Try the spray Home Defense you can buy it at home depot or lowes here. It is save to spray outside and inside for ants. Worked well for us. They also make fertilizer stuff for lawns for the ants to. I hate ants. Good luck and travel safe.
Rachel Glenn said…
oh my goodness zane is so classic! have so much fun in utah, ross family!
Rae said…
After reading this, I thought about our battle with sugar ants up here (we're told it's just part of living in these old houses. Great). We use a half/half vinegar/water solution, with some sweet orange essential oil. It seems to keep them at bay pretty well. Supposedly the orange and vinegar scents are really nasty for the ants.