St. Augustine beach

Note to readers: I tell tall tales. Apparently, ONE of the houses on our Charleston tour had doors (or maybe windows) gifted by Tiffany. But Brandon thinks it wasn't the pictured house from yesterday. And let's face it, Brandon's usually (read: always) right. But you already know that tall tales thing about me, right? Onto the beach...

We woke up in the morning, eager to beach beach beach. We had to stop for supplies first, of course, and we almost turned around at one point when we realized we'd gone right instead of left and therefore weren't heading to the state park like we'd planned. But by then Annie had SEEN the beach, and the words "should we turn around?" wrecked havoc on her hopeful patience. So we stopped, parked, and found a wonderful NEW beach spot.

We stayed for all day and into the late afternoon. If beach-going were a sport, we would be on the varsity team. We all (and when I say "we all" I mean me and a couple others) had the burnt feet and ankles to prove it the next day.

Sigh. Where to start with the pictures. Let's just say that Grandma Ross joined Aunt Lindsey in the victory of winning Annie's heart when she kept her just out of the worrisome water:

Look! I was at the beach too (can you believe how far the tide was out at this point?):

Grandpa Ross claimed he didn't know the first thing about building with sand, but then he started piling things up and Linds added some shells and voila:

Coolest rock-wall-that-looks-a-little-like-the-real-castillo-san-marcos-in-st. augustine structure ever.

As for other coolest things on the beach, leave it to me to miss the boat and photograph it like this:

I was just trying to get the folks in the background in focus, I promise.

The crab was totally laughing at me by this point:

Here are my gator boys:

Now, the frisbee. Totally new and exciting for BOTH children on this trip to the beach. Which, as you can imagine, led first to really fun times, then later to fighting, sulking, and ultimately the decision to be done for the day. Here's the fun:

(Annie using her go gator skills here):

(now both kids. are we gators or what?):

Then Annie got a little greedy, shrieking, "MY TUH! MY TUH!" whenever she wasn't totally in control of the frisbee:

(and of course, once she HAD possession, she would then stop the game occasionally to yell "sheshell mommy!" and hand me another treasure):

Finally, she couldn't handle sharing any more, which made us have to remind her to share, which made her sulk and hang on tighter:

And when I asked for a thumbs up and only got one:

I knew it was time to go.

PEACE OUT BEACH! Until next time..

and in the meantime, here's a few more from the characters in the back of the van (Annie was out before we got out of the parking lot):

(ps--we have one more day of the trip, and then I'll get back to normal everydaynesses. Like today when Zane, with a newly acquired interest in The Jungle Book, sang "Look for the Bare Neh Sesames" all the way home from the pool.)


DJ Stauffer said…
Two things:

It's snowing outside my computer room window right now! Beach pictures make me so jealous!


Are you and Nick twins?
Ann Marie said…
2 things. 1. The windows mistake was mine. I thought those were the windows from Tiffany but remembered that that house has a one-of-a kind chandelier from Tiffany. It is the daughter's house a few blocks away that has the doors. 2. I am glad I didn't see the crab but I might have been okay because I always wear shoes.