Spring soccer

Our friend organized soccer again for our little village. This "season" there were enough kids to have 2 separate teams (meaning that zane could keep his same shirt from last fall! brilliant!) and they've even been playing "real" games here in the last couple of weeks.

I asked Brandon to take a picture or two. He's so artsy:

I think Zane is understanding more of what soccer is all about:

He'll run with the pack, in the front even, and up against even the scariest (aka tallest) players. Unfortunately (?) he doesn't seem to have that killer instinct connected to great competition. he just wants to kick the ball, not necessarily plow over others to do so. I'll take him this way, thank you very much.

Annie finds ways to entertain herself while we're looking on:

Let's face it, snack time is still the favorite (notice they bring enough for younger siblings. I think this is why Annie is okay with coming):

But after the treats have been passed out and eaten, all Zane wants to do is hang out and kick more balls into the net:

Last week, thanks to the pandemonium that is 5-year-old soccer, the goalie of the other team was distracted at the exact second that Zane managed a little shuffle kick into the goal for a score. MIRACLE, I tell you. And you should have seen the smile on this kid's face. Best moment of his life thus far, I think. He even looked back at us as they were running back across the field and gave two more thumbs up. Totally awesome. Thank you, soccer.

ps--Happy birthday, dad! love you!


walt or jean said…
Thanks for the birthday wish. It was a great birthday. We can just picture Zane flashing that big grin and giving the thumbs up. Little miracles are the best.

PS love you too.