Something less vulgar

Phew. Happy to have something new to blog about.

Last night, we were play-dating, and I needed us to go on an errand. But everyone was in dress-up clothes. What to do, what to do.

I know! Let's go adventuring WITH our costumes on!

Zane would have told you he was a power-ranger-super-hero-soccer-player (because of the medal he was wearing)-captain. Sienna was a fire-fighter-flute-player-princess. And Annie? A fairy godmother of course. Although not very plump or covered up, like Cinderella's lady. Perhaps a fairy godmother of THIS generation:

Needless to say, we turned heads. (Jon and Tina, doesn't this look like that old photo of us being the Marx Brothers at Halloween? Tall boy, skinny girlfriend, short and lil' bit chubby little sister tagging along. Too bad I was 16 and chubby, not 2.)

These two are getting along better again. What a relief, as here is their first engagement photo.
Too funny.

I have to say that earlier in the day, we had another fabulous photo-op at the pool, where 3 little boys sat, warming up after a great swim, with strawberries smeared all over their hands and faces. We have been honored to squeeze in MANY play dates these last few days, before me and the kids head out for Utah this weekend. This weekend!


Hey!! Awesome!! Maybe we'll get to see you this weekend! Give us a call! :)
Crystal said…
Are you ready for the snow :)