one more soccer memory..

Tonight was the soccer party. As the coach was handing out Zane's medal, she stopped particularly to comment on his exceptional "great attitude and energy" throughout the entire season.

A few minutes later, she called out Annie's name (all the younger siblings got medals too). 10 points to the person who guessed that Annie cried and ran away. :)

I sure love my kids.

And ps, apparently Brandon sure loves Raleigh, NC. Might just be our next stop folks, if brand new structures structures (only brandon will get that I used the correct phrase there), townhouses across the street from campus, and FABRIC OUTLET stores are any indication. perfect fit for all. okay so we are still two years out, and our whole family lives in the west. sigh. still, dreaming is fun. especially dreaming of FABRIC OUTLET stores.


Lillie said…
If it makes you feel better--- my 4 1/2 year old would have done that--- well you never know. It depends on which side of the bed she woke up on. She would run to the front and take a bow while beaming with pride, or she'd scream and run the other way. At least you have consistency.
Megan said…
Hey Michelle,
This is kind of random but I have been searching the web for a girls dress tutorial or pattern to make for my niece who's turning 1. Have you got any recommendations or bookmarked links for dresses you've made Annie? Nothing too fancy. Thank you!!!