Last Stop: Alachua Sink and Payne's Prairie

The next morning, some of us (below left) were feeling the effects of staying at the beach all day. Others of us (the sunscreen wearers, that is, below right) were just as peppy as always:

All the sudden, the less-than-two-hour-drive from St. Augustine to Gainesville felt like a tiny hop, skip, and jump. Especially since we stopped just east of town for a look at the Alachua Sink, Payne's Prairie (where I go Friday mornings to exercise), and the alligators.

We were a long way from the rolling hills of western Virginia at that point, believe me. Enter the swamp:

When Annie saw this next picture this morning she said while pointing: "Daddy Rah, Winsee, Daddy Rah, Daddy, Zee, Annie Rah!" Mission accomplished, folks:

We walked down the 1/2 mile or so boardwalk until we met up with our neighbors, the gators:

At that point, we didn't go any further. Instead, we stayed safely up on the fenced-in gazebo:

I did something weird to this picture while in iphoto, but I think it sums up how we all felt to be in G'ville:

Happy to be home!

That night, everyone but Annie and me enjoyed a late Gators Baseball game, and then early the next morning they were all off (on one last road trip) to the airport.

We can't thank brandon's parents and sister enough for such a wonderful trip. I don't know if anybody knew what we were getting ourselves into, but I think the many photos show that all the hard work was well worth it. What wonderful new memories we have now. What wonderful people we know and love.

Tomorrow: nothing! (But still, happy sabbath to you then.)


Ann Marie said…
It sure was wonderful for me. I just sat around and enjoyed being with you and Brandon and your delightful children. You guys did all of the work - so thank you so much for a wonderful vacation.