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Oh my Annie. Proof that even winged fairies need a rest sometimes.

Annie has become OBSESSED with Princess Aurora and Sleeping Beauty. We think it's because of her pink dress.

All the day long, she wants to read the book: "Ree my pinta Rora boo now, mommy?" or watch the movie: "Wah my pinta rora moonie now mommy?"

Unfortunately, these questions usually come after she's had a crazy tantrum and I've told her I'm going to throw all the princess stuff away if she kicks me one more time. So torn.

Sigh. Now you can see why I took the above picture, when she's back to "entranced and amicable."

But the REAL reason for this post is to share some giggles that have come about due to Zane's recent interest in learning to read (finally).

Who knew sounding words out would be so similar to learning to swear?

Zane, reading "HELP": "Huh. Huh-eh. Heh. He-ll. HELL. HELL! HELL! HELL-pp. HELLLLLLp. Help!"
Me, giggling: "HelPPP. yes."

or one that I'm almost too embarrassed to write:

Zane, reading "AS": "Aaaah. AAHH--SS. ASSSSS. ASSSS. ASS?"
Me, again trying to control myself: "Azzzz. Azzzz."
Zane, confused: "But mom it says Aaah --SSS. ASS!"
Just think of how I am at this point: "I know it says that buddy, but sometimes SSS is ZZZ. I promise."

The best thing is that he doesn't have the greatest retention skills yet. So EVERY TIME we get to "as," we have to have this conversation.

These stories. I couldn't make them up, you know?


walt or jean said…
Since Zane brought it up, I couldn't help but say what a dumb ass Balaam was.(See Numbers 22:24-31)
Something tells me that walt, not jean, wrote this comment.

And walt, as if I'm not already afraid enough to have Zane start reading scriptures (what with all the violence and ideas for naughtiness there is in there)! Thanks a lot!
Ann Marie said…
From the title of you blog I thought you were all home snuggled on your bed reading the funny papers. Love Zane's reading progress.