Downtown Charleston + Downtown St. Augustine

The next morning, we took one last look at the beach:

Then we headed our way into downtown Charleston, where we hopped onto a horse-drawn carriage ("Just like Cinderella!" Zane exclaimed and Annie echoed, "Rella!") and took a fantastic, hour-long tour of the old place.

Seriously beautiful. Seriously cool. When we make our fortune, we'll take one of the (million dollar) homes on any of these streets.

I asked Brandon to be on camera duty. He took these two pictures. Yes, I said two:

(fort sumpter)
Yesterday, when discussing this next blog post, and the (lack of) pictures accompanying that morning thanks to him on camera duty, Brandon informed me that he HAD tried to take more, and they'd all turned out like this:

And then I remembered: right side of the street had houses, left side had water. I guess Brandon's off the hook this time, due to his seat position. Luckily, and as you can see in the photo above, Ann Marie had a pretty awesome seat for the tour. The rest of these photos are from her. First, Rainbow Row--we got a watercolor painting of this later at the market:

This next beauty had stained glass doors, gifted by friend Tiffany. Doors are worth more than the house:

All these rocks came over on the ships from England. Charlestonians made streets out of them until the folks in England heard about it, came over the ocean, and taxed them for every single one:

Wow, we were charmed by Charleston. Thanks to all you who knew I was spelling it wrong at first but didn't say anything.

After the lovely tour and a stop at the old "slave market" (where slaves came to buy goods for their families, not where slaves were sold. Our tour guide reminded us that just as you don't go to a farmers' market to buy farmers, you wouldn't go to a slave market to buy slaves. phew.) for trinkets and art and candy and sunglasses (thanks, grampa!), we made our way down to good ol' Florida.

We landed in St. Augustine after our first bit of traffic in Jacksonville (Debbie, I thought of you. And that beautiful new baby of yours. That you had in your CAR.) and set off for dinner and gelato at our favorite place there. It's there, on the left:

Cafe del Hidalgo. If you come to visit us, we WILL be taking you there. My camera was on manual for a minute in the restaurant, and reminded me that I'm still a complete dope who needs automatic. thank heavens for automatic. (Notice here in manual, girlfriend in forefront not in focus. lovely paintings in the back perfectly focused. I have 5 other pictures like this one. people in foreground, blurry. silly knick knacks on walls, crisp.)

We also enjoyed a few moments OUTSIDE OF THE CAR that evening, letting the kids run while the men visited and the women shopped (These are mostly repeats from my "first glance" post. gotta get them in order, after all.):

I knew to put the camera away when I asked for thumbs up and got this and then this:

Notice, Annie's given up and is doing "eensy weensy spider" in the second.

It was good to be back in Florida.

Tomorrow, more BEACH!


Jenny said…
We spent a day in Charleston a few years ago when my brother got married in Greenville, SC. I loved it and have wanted to go back ever since! I wish we would have taken the horse-drawn carriage tour...we just walked around, but still loved seeing the beautiful homes and "secret gardens". Thanks for clarifying about the slave market! I hadn't heard that and felt a little shabby buying earrings there.
Ann Marie said…
I can't tell you how much I am enjoying reliving our vacation. I think the time in Charleston was the absolute best. So glad you reminded me about the slave market.
Butlers said…
LOVE the photos! Mae happens to have the very same dress! Who knew they could make such cute cotton summer dresses! She even sleeps in it.