Charleston, SC

I have to admit, I don't remember much of North Carolina. I remember seeing the sign for Roanoke Rapids, NC 22 miles and thinking to myself, "Sweet another state! I've had enough of Virginia for a couple of days." But then I must have passed out, because all the sudden I woke up and we were 22 miles outside of SOUTH Carolina. oops. so much for getting some vibes for Raleigh, and NC State. I'll have to do it on our next trip down the east coast.

When we reached our condo in Charleston, the gasping began. I mean, Dale had told us that as a extra treat he had found one right on the beach, but seriously, we were RIGHT ON THE BEACH. As in, I put my kids in swimming suits and they ran, barefoot, from our condo steps right down to the beach. Talk about paradise.

First, the sand was enough to keep them busy:

Zane even bent down, licked it, and said, "Mmm, sand tastes good!" (evidence present in the photo above) WHAT?!? Yeah, had to say peace out to that one. Especially since Annie attempts to say everything Zane says now, so after his statement, she echoed with "tay goo!!!"

Yeah, um no.

Then it was onto the water. Who could resist for long? Zane was into it, full throttle, from minute one:

Annie was a lot braver than last time, but still did the funniest thing, over and over. She'd run out to the water, grinning broadly. Then when a wave would come in, her grin would turn into a worried scowl and she'd turn around and book it back to higher ground:

Usually her running would be accompanied by her yelling, "PUH! PUH! (her version of "up") with hands outstretched towards her occupied-by-picture-taking-and-not-to-mention-still-quite-dry mother:

Sorry kid, no way. So, she'd run even farther up until she felt safe again:

Then with a delighted grin on her face, she'd turn around, and head back out:

This was fun to watch, and kept us busy until the other adults returned from dinner at an outside diner a few paces up the beach. Then the real fun began. First, there was daddy to kiss:
And Aunt Lindsey (who graciously got soaked so that I didn't have to) to swing and swing and jump and swim;

Linds definitely secured herself a place in Annie's heart this night (as if she hadn't already).

And once Grandma arrived, it was clear that the parents really didn't need to be there at all:

The men stood and solved the world's problems (or actually they might have been talking baseball. one can't really tell the difference with these two):

And oh yeah, did I mention that the condo was right on the beach? Here it is, on the left:

Sigh. Paradise. Definitely one of my favorite memories of the trip.