busy week, no pictures

Life is busy this week. We are getting ready for a road trip with Brandon's parents and sister Linds that begins after spending an evening and morning with a great-aunt of mine in DC, which begins after being picked up in DC (after a flight from Orlando on Friday) by Brandon, who will have been "driving all week" by that point (and who will have met with faculty from Clemson, NC state, and VA Tech, in hopes of making connections that may or may not come in handy when he's on the job hunt in two years).

Our adventures began yesterday when we had to go pick up the rental car for said trip of Brandon's in Orlando, or even perhaps the day or two before that when we packed everything for the road trip, that you remember doesn't begin until Saturday.

Or, come to think of it, it may have started even a few days before that when I found out that some friends' extended family want to stay in our place while we're gone, causing me to look around and wonder "Wow, do we really live like this? Can I perhaps step it up just a notch or two in the cleaniness/organized department for goodness sake?" then get to work.

It's all a bit confusing, not to mention exhausting. I keep reminding myself that these before trip days should be about relaxing, building up those immune systems for a long adventure. But then I can't sleep at night, and find myself in major college survival mode. :)

Sigh. At least LOST was awesome last night.

On tap for tomorrow? Well, there's a bag or two more to make, a soccer party, a speech appointment, a playdate, and a trip to Target for a transformer-for-the-trip-after-our-first-official-chore-chart-was-completed reward. not too much, right?

Pictures of DC and the eastern hills of the united states (and of course, the beach!) to come next week!