why we live here and not there

Once upon a time I was going to come to Utah for spring break.

Have you looked at cross-country plane tickets lately? hmph.

So, this week I'm reminding myself that if I can't be there, at least I am here.

For instance, Zane's afternoon Easter activity (complete with his own band 'o' scooterers):

And then there's Annie, and her love of swinging (in a jimmy-rigged HIGH swing after our egg hunt the other day). Can't do that when it's snowing:

And I can't forget Brandon (with HIS own band 'o' doers), who actually has a laboratory for building mud walls instead of our backyard (okay, this time it's sand bags, but you get the idea):

(no, that's not brandon in the picture. but it is his wall, and I guess it went all the way up by the time they were through).

And I'm getting closer to my goal of 3 dozen handmade things for the craft fair next saturday. Conference is so bomb when you have a big bag of wallets/pencil cases/makeup bags/backpacks that need their linings hand sewn into their outer shells. listen sew listen sew.

And although we couldn't be with any grandparents for Easter (aka candy overload) never fear: we got a "bee bah" (big box) in the mail yesterday, complete with candy candy candy and even some pinwheels. boh mommy boh!

Sigh. I wish we could be there. I would like a break from reality. I would like my children to get more attention than normal and therefore have their attitudes and actions change overnight to those of perfect angels...okay so I'm getting a little carried away.

At least the here is pretty awesome too.


walt or jean said…
We are also glad that if you can't be here, you are there. Here's to great parents who are striving and succeeding! Way to go M and B.
Ann Marie said…
It worked. I haven't been able to comment for quite a while but never fear I still read and totally enjoy every single one. So glad you had a happy Easter.