thank yous and kelsey

Many thanks for the sewing well wishes. Whatever doesn't sell in Idaho will go into my etsy shop. I'll make you click over there next week and see.

Yesterday, Zane got to take home the class mascot, Kelsey. We were to record "a weekend with Kelsey."

But as you can see, we couldn't wait that long.

Here was the itinerary for the day, complete with Zane descriptions:
1. building a bench out of lincoln logs:

2. scootering (on my scooter of course):

3. sliding at the playground.

(Annie joined in here saying, "Mommy, a pitur (picture), a me, a bear, a sigh (slide)!")

4. at the gator (this is going to be soo awesome! I'll put her in his mouth and trick everyone!)

5. And finally, dinner at CHIPOTLE!

(where annie ate two cheese quesadillas and corn and zane finished off HALF of my burrito bowl. as long as every bite was inspected beforehand for purple onions and green hots (jalepenos). incredible!)


Lillie said…
Hooray! You started an etsy shop! I'm proud of you. Look at you, the fair, the shop--- busy working lady! They're all SO cute, those little backpacks... and the cute toiletry bag?? on the etsy shop? so cute.
Hilary said…
Chipotle? Man, that is one lucky bear! Can I be his class mascot next year?
I am loving loving LOVING all your posts!! I just sit in the quiet of my home and read and read....and look and look. SOme really great pictures there michelle! The spring carnival looked and sounded like fun! I sure do love to see you guys enjoying the weather you're having. We've had some sun so I have a few pics I can post too here pretty soon.

and i agree, we MUST live by each other someday...we would BOTH do good things for each other.. I miss you!!!
Maria said…
Hey! I am so amazed with all your sewing and entrepreneurness...I just looked at your etsy shop and there are only three items there--does that mean you sold all the rest!?!

I also love your name "Mermade". You know that my nickname since before I can remember has been Mer...I may just plagiarize that name should I ever decide to make something. ;)