Sunday evening...

What a nice day it's been. Usually, Sundays are hard hard hard. Today, for some reason it wasn't all 3 hards. Brandon spoke in church and it was awesome. The choir sang a really cool arrangement of, "Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing" and I couldn't BELIEVE how well they did. Annie wasn't the worst kid in nursery. Zane truthfully proclaimed "Yes, I READ SCRIPTURES" in primary. And now, great smelling food smells are coming out the kitchen, and I didn't do a thing to help.

The reason I compliment so freely? To remember that life is full of successes. The stuff in between those successes is just stuff, and nothing to get all bent out of shape about.

We all have these successes. They might not come in the form of choirs and talks and scriptures, but they come, and come regularly. We just have to learn how to remember them better. in ALL CAPS, perhaps. On that note, may we all find these successes, and write them in our blogs... :)

tomorrow: the chic robe (my first attempt at apparel!) that was destined to be an old-fashioned house coat (oh my gosh, if i felt like my grama before...), and the cincing belt that pulled it from the depths (I hope).