Once upon a time there was a big stack of fabric and zippers and cording and thread..

...and after two weeks of lots of hours of working a day, 30+ handmade goods appeared.
(I was hoping for 2 dozen. those extra 7 or so are pure bonus..)

They were photographed (poorly) then flattened down flat:

and shipped to Idaho Falls, for the craft fair.

You know where but I'll say it again: Cloverdale Elementary, this Saturday morning. Go! (ps--everything is under $20. way cheaper than boutique-on-an-island pricing. go!)


Jenny said…
I wish I could! They look adorable!
Butlers said…
It all looks FANtastic!!! xoxo
alliehoopes said…
just showed seesta caitlin and she says she's a celebrity. love it.
Hilary said…
So that's what you've been working on! I've been really bad about checking blogs and had no idea you were sewing for a fair! Wow! Good for you! I'm just thinking back to the day when I offered you my mom's sewing machine because you wanted to try sewing... :)