Kindergarten Round-up

(Debbie: We just got home from your house, and as I was all set up to blog about it already, I thought to myself, "Wow, she's REALLY going to think I have no life." So, I'll save it for tomorrow.)

Yesterday was Kindergarten Round-Up, a county-wide program for next year's kindergarteners.

All the future school goers were invited onto school grounds and corralled into little groups where they visited the kinder classrooms, met the teachers, made a craft, and had a snack. As we sent them off, I couldn't help but look around. Some of the kids were crying. Some of the parents were crying, even. I have to admit, the thought of emotion hadn't even occurred to me. Our family? PEACE OUT is a good description. Our little 5-almost-6-year-old is definitely ready for school. We think he will thrive.

While the kids were activiting, the parents were kept in a holding pen area (who knew we were all just cattle?) and told all kinds of information (none that I can remember right now, actually). When the kids were ready in the cafeteria, the parents were let out to find their now-clad-in-a- school-logo-t-shirted child.

When I asked Zane is he enjoyed himself, he said: "Well, yeah, except for one thing. We didn't get to play on the playground!" So off to the playground we went.

It was a nice little activity, but I'll admit, my main objective was to get this next picture. See, this is a very cool old school (in its 71st year or something) that just screams "old florida" to me. Zane was nice to oblige a picture:

(brandon will be so proud of my blurring out the actual school name skills.)

As we walked home Zane said, "So, do I get to go back tomorrow?" We figured out it's actually about 120 days until school starts. Good heavens.

Tomorrow? Today's trip to Jacksonville!


That IS a gorgeous school, thanks for sharing :)
Ann Marie said…
Yup, I think Zane is ready. Great school too.
First thing I thought was..."what a COOL school!" Lucky Zane and lucky you guys to live in such a cool place! Sounds like a wonderful way to introduce those school goers and I love your attitude about it...PEACE OUT is right!! we do love these kids of ours though so no worries!

Keep posting. I love your blog!! And p.s. way to go sewing a robe for you even though it's a big grama-ish. I bet you're rockin' it!!!