So our wonderful friend Debbie up and moved herself and her family to Jacksonville at the end of last year. hmph. I'm suppose it happened because of the solid, money-making job her husband got after graduating but still, I'm a little bitter. :) Anyway, as she left she kinda whispered to a couple of us, "Guess what I'm pregnant.." sneaky sneak girl.

(Dear readers, I'll admit to expanding the truth a bit here. I'm sure she told me a little sooner than the minute she left, but still, she suffered alone for a LONG while before letting me in on the secret.)

So the months have been passing, and we wanted to get together before she had her baby. Due date is next week so we were SERIOUSLY crossing our fingers for a successful, no-baby-yet visit. AND WE MADE IT. AND WE HAD A GREAT TIME. AND OUR KIDS PLAYED BEAUTIFULLY.

It was a totally awesome trip.

Here are the kids playing on the outside stuff. It's time for sunscreen I think. Annie has her hot and cold mixed up, and as she slid down slides, she would shake her fists and say, "toooold mommy, tooooold." "You mean, HOT, Annie." "Oh," she would giggle. "HAW!"

The boys loved digging in the dirt. big surprise.

(That naughty orange-shirted bruce would NOT look at the camera. He should be friends with Brandon.)

This was a coach of sorts. Annie climbed right up and yelled, "EEE-HAAWW!"

Debbie and Heather solidified their friendship to me by agreeing to a picture of the three of us, taken by Zaneman. He ALMOST framed us pretty well:

And I'm sorry to post an almost duplicate, but Annie tickles me in this next one:

"Me too!" she squeaks. "Me TOO!" Sorry about the tops of your heads, dear friends.

Sigh. We love Debbie. Debbie's number one. Plus, Debbie's having a little girl. Won't that be fun?

On the way home, we james-bonded it (and yes I am aware that probably only heather will know what I'm talking about here) into a road-side fruit/veggie stand. Such a beautiful little spot!
(All except for the outhouse. 10 points to the person who finds it.)

(hint, hint, it's coming up):

(sigh. something tells me outhouses still don't fit in the "rockin' the rustic" photo category. still, a nice picture of my little man.)

wildflowers are wonderful.

Sigh. It was a wonderful day. Thanks to Debbie and co. for a wonderful time. And thanks to Heather for driving and being an awesome trip mate!


Alyson said…
I have a few minutes (can you believe it?) and thought I'd catch up on your blog. You are up to lots of good things. Thanks for blogging.
Debbie said…
Yay! We all had a good time. My favorite thing was catching up with my girl-friends, but also listening to the adorable Annie-speak (she talks so much!) and that Zane thought our new house was MUCH better than our old house. :) So happy. We're so glad you came. The boys asked where you went for the rest of the night.