I have a lot to say.

All week, as life has unfolded before me here, there, and everywhere, I've been saying to myself, "oo, I need to blog about that." Now I can't remember it. or at least most of it. So instead, I'll babble. In bullets:
  • Tonight Zane asked our friend Heather if she had any "neck-flicks" movies.
  • A couple of weeks back, Brandon found an old kids' bike in our laundry room, aka the free-for-all spot of the village. Two-wheeler, no training wheels. He brought it home. Today, he got it fixed up and Zane tried it. First try, done. Zane now rides a two-wheeler.
  • Speaking of Zane, it's been a long week with him home. And it's nothing he's done. I've just been realizing more and more that he is still a little ball of clay that can be molded by anyone...and that I need to make more of an effort to be the main sculptor for awhile yet. If I want him to act a certain way, I need to be pro-active in teaching him. but it's harder than it looks! especially since it seems like I need him to be all good things to all different people. different-aged people. different-tempermented people. ALL YOU PARENTS OF OLDER CHILDREN, I NEED SOME HELP! :) just me being subtle.
  • That said, I sure am thankful for this little boy. He continues to be charming and teachable. I hope he will always trust me.
  • Yesterday he accompanied us on our 4 mile walk/run. on his scooter. the whole way.
  • Oh yeah, and he totally fell off the monkey bars and ate it earlier this week. pictures to follow. no, the tooth did not fall out.
  • Annie has been saying more. and we are ALL happier because of it. Starting mid-week, I noticed her putting all kinds of words together, including verbs and nouns and me-s and yous and I think it's made her a lot less frustrated. we've had quite a thankful week. Plus, you should hear her sing Zane's new favorite song: "Shake your Booty." shay uh bouy. shay uh buoy. (i know i know about the song. remember one of my previous bullets? someone other than me has been sculpting him. the nerve!)
  • Brandon is dying of allergies. He is more allergic to whatever is going around in the air than anyone I've ever seen in my entire life. The pollen count here is off the charts. 200 is bad, and we're over 2000 or something. Serves him right for loving Florida so much. Man, it is brutal. Brandon, the land of the living misses you! Come back to us!
  • Oh yeah, here's another Zane funny. The other night we're walking home from soccer, and he's got some tummy cramp of some kind. Finally, he couldn't take walking any more. He laid down on the ground and moaned, "JUST LEAVE ME BEHIND! PLEASE, JUST LEAVE ME BEHIND!" we giggled (and brandon picked him up and carried him) the whole way home. (Emmygirl, I expect to hear this quote from you sometime in the future.)
  • The main reason I haven't been able to blog right when I think of things is because I've spent almost every free moment getting a stack of goods together for the craft fair next saturday in idaho falls. Monday, I'll bust out pictures. then you, idaho friends, do me a favor and pass the word around! Cloverdale Elementary, April 17th.
  • After all this work, I'm actually a teensy bit tired of sewing. gasp! but never fear, after a few days' break, I'm preparing to jump into little girl summer dresses, birthday presents, and maybe even some apparel for yours truly. I might even try that one thing called exercise again. you never know.
  • This morning, we went to an all-village spring fling. carnival games, bouncy castles/slide, and of course, food and blue tongues (which zane still pronounces 'tons'). We had a whole lot of fun (and the pictures look even better if you come over and look through my iphoto album. who knows why.):


Jenneka said…
I love that last picture because seeing all 4 of you together always makes me think: They are such an awesome family!

I'm so glad you included it even though Annie's hand is covering her face a little and Zane's eyes are closed, etc. It reminds me of the fact that life with kids can never really be "perfect"... but somehow that is exactly what makes it perfect.