Tonight, Brandon and Zane were discussing possible after-dinner activities.

Zane was saying, "PLAYGROUND PLAYGROUND!" while Brandon was saying, "No playground. How about a bike ride?"

Zane asked, "Why not the PLAYGROUND, Pops?"

"Because you always want me to play monster, and I don't have the energy for that tonight," came Brandon's reply.

Zane sighed heavily, disgusted, and said, "WELL POPS, WE HAVE TO FIND YOU SOME ENERGY THEN!!"

Fast forward about 2 minutes. Yes, only 2 minutes.

We had decided to have a short Family Home Evening before those after-dinner activities. We always start with a song, and Annie chose "Jesus wants me for a sun-BEAM! (a song where if you're 2 years old and cool you jump UP on "BEAM!")"

Zane, in true older-brother-at-family-home-evening style, was TOTALLY dragging his feet: "JJJEEEEESUSSSSSSS WANNNNNNNTTSSSSSS MEEEEE FOOOOOOORRRR AAAAAA" in a low, child-baritone voice. you get the picture.

When I said to him, "Zane, why aren't you singing nicely?" he complained, "UGH. I JUST DON'T HAVE THE ENERGY TONIGHT."

My, how the tables had turned.

Zane and his Pops are at the playground/on a bike ride now, almost 2 hours later. I wonder if that energy has picked up again?


Ann Marie said…
If they figure out how to get energy - please post it and you can make a million. That Zane is too smart.
Lillie said…
I love that Zane.