Easter Weekend

I came to a realization this week. This blog really is entirely about my children. And this week, even I was tired of it. As in, I couldn't stomach posting another picture of Zane and his building creations (and there were many). or Annie and her sullen looks (and there were more than many).

Thankfully, with this weekend came an easter egg hunt at some of our favorite friends' house. For some reason, it just feels different and, therefore, blogable. Here are some highlights:

The boys are ready and Annie is nervous (big surprise):

Then, she finds an egg!

Wow Mom!! This ain't half bad!

The hunt continues for the boys:

And Annie continues to giggle and oo and ah as she hunts (notice, she couldn't take her eyes off the treats. Purple mommy! Pink!):

And when all was said and done, we had four happy, chocolate-filled (because these friends of ours know how to fill a plastic egg) kids:

The older boys went inside to divide their loot, leaving the little ones to play some more (did I mention it was 73 degrees today? ridiculous!)

And I made friend Jenneka post for a picture or two:

Why hasn't anyone told me I need a serious haircut (and perhaps a little eye makeup)?

Okay just one more pic, to remember how seriously my kids took to hunting this year:

That's some serious concentration, folks.

Sigh. We have had a wonderful weekend. Our fellow G'villians have been totally awesome. Last night we went to fried chicken and a movie at friends Heather and Kwang's home. We didn't have to bring a thing, and when we got there, our bellies were filled, our children were watched over, and we got to view 'Star Trek' on this ginormous tv. and have homemade popcorn. and see's chocolates. good heavens. we felt so loved.

Then this morning and the egg hunt. Didn't bring a thing. And once there, these sweet people handed us buckets and let us on our way.

Friends are wonderful things.

Next week: more Zane construction and Annie scowls!

Peace out and happy Easter. :) Time for some general conference bingo.


Tina said…
I don't think you need to worry about your blog being too "kid-heavy" in content. What else do you think it should be about anyway?

ps- Nice bows, Annie! :)
We had snow, wind and more wind for our Easter weekend. Enjoy the sun and send it our way soon. Thanks, Jessica
Carolyn said…
Wow...73 degrees sounds amazing! I'm glad Annie and Zane enjoyed themselves. Your kids are adorable.