bikes and teeth and traditions tra-shmitions

Zane's new caption: Life is an open road.

Speaking of Zane, we were driving home today from errands when from the back seat I hear, "MY TOOTH!" That's right people, a 2-wheeler AND a lost tooth in the same week. It's like Christmas. His next statement: "Oh, I can't WAIT to tell the people at Publix about this!" We were, after all, in the Publix parking lot. And tell them we did.
Here he is, in all his lost-tooth glory. (note the new one already coming up in its place!)

Annie, not wanting to be outdone during pictures, yelled, "No MY tee mommy!" So here's her teeth as well:

Oh my gosh, this next story illustrates our family "traditions" so well, it's alarming. (Alyson, here's my Christmas Story for this year.)

So, we put off dying eggs. Yes, I'm talking about Easter eggs.

Yes, I'm aware Easter was last month. or almost last month.

I'm sorry, but without an invite to do these kinds of things with others (eggs dying, pumpkin carving, christmas cookie making, etc), they just get skipped. I know I know, we're lame lame lame. we always have been. so I was trying to repent. and last week I had actually hard-boiled 5 eggs, thank you very much.

yes, only five. it's all we had.

anyway, so Sunday evening, as brandon was preparing dinner and our kids were yelling FOR dinner because they were at the table already (and hungry and bored), I decided to bust out some egg dying, while we waited. I got out two bowls, and put a different colored tablet in each.

yes, only two colors.

I turned my back to grab the vinegar, and I hear this, "Ugh! Yuck! Mom, I think I...I think I ate...!" And I look over and sure enough, Zane is drooling yellow. And right next to him, Annie's drooling blue. Both with terribly sour looks on their faces. The dye tablets? missing.


Annie starts screaming, Zane spits and spits, and Brandon laughs from the kitchen and says, "Well, HAPPY EASTER!"

We're hopeless.

Of course, instead of cleaning it up immediately, I had to grab the camera. After all, you couldn't miss out on the full effect of our fun holiday tradition, right?

Sigh. Tomorrow it's mermade goods picture day!


LOL!!! That is so funny- I can't stop laughing! Thanks for sharing and for remembering to grab the camera :)
Carolyn said…
I can't believe they ate the dye tablets...this story is hilarious! And the pictures are priceless. The look on poor little Annie's face... :)
Crystal said…
Your blogs always make me smile :)
Ginger said…
Hilarious! I love it!
alliehoopes said…
michelle you are just plain lovely. who cares about all that stuff? know that as a person who overdoes all the holiday pink sparkly stuff i think it's just as great to have a photograph like that and super rad story for the future when annie gets over it a little. and if you'll move to main street i'll invite you to everything.
Angie said…
I laughed so hard just now, Joshua came over to find out what was going on. That is one funny story.
Megan said…
Ha! That's priceless! I always thought they looked like vitamins. Love the pics! They're so real!
Jenny said…
If you still lived here, we'd invite you to carve pumpkins every year. Love that they ate the dye tablets, and a priceless picture!
Lillie said…
Oh my goodness this is hilarious! Of course they ate the tablets--- just a reward for trying to be such a good holiday mommy.

We stink at it too. We keep saying we're going to start out own traditions, but by the time you do the school egg hunt, and the one at Nana's house, I'm done with it, you know? so most holidays pass without me actually having to figure out how to do it right yet. I don't know that I could dye eggs if I tried....
Eli and Amy said…
Hi Michelle,
I'm Emily Asher's sister-in-law and I found your blog through hers. I really enjoyed reading your blog, seeing your crafty projects, and reading about your kids. My stomach hurts from laughing at this cute story. Totally made my day!
Amy Asher