bandana bibs for baby boys

So AWHILE ago a friend had a baby boy and I got this idea to make some cute, non-traditional "bandana bibs" for her. (And if you're wondering about just how long ago, Kandice, I'm talking about you. Isn't Thomas almost nine months old now?) I even found fabulous boy fabric and a cute, blue, fluffy, hopefully absorbent remnant.

Then the "idea freeze" began. I couldn't figure out how to do what I wanted. I couldn't figure out dimensions. I couldn't figure out how to attach one end to the other properly. In the words of Brandon (when Zane was a baby and I came home from the store once and Brandon had him in the bathtub, fully clothed, because he had pooped or puked or fussed something): "I froze!"

So, the time came and went that we were to meet up and see the new baby, and we came empty-handed. Luckily, they loved us anyway (and even fed us pizza at the park, i believe). Bummer.

Okay so that was seriously last August. And the idea had to sit in my brain for nine months until BAM! today, it hit me (It helps that we're going to a baby shower tonight for a gal at church, and I am feeling a little under the weather cold-wise and didn't want to drag the kids to the store):

Simply sew two triangles together michelle! easy peasy.

Just to be sure, I googled "bandana bib" and there they were: two triangles sewn together into a bandana with some specific dimensions and a way to attach it to itself. Miracle.

And wouldn't you know it, they took about 20 minutes each to sew:

(pretty cute model ay? it's the closest thing size-wise we have to "newborn" at this house.)

Sigh. Kandice, the NEXT time you have a boy, you're getting these, doubled!


Julie said…
SO cute!!! Michelle you are so crafty--I have pretty much zilch in the category of sewing talents. Maybe some day I can be like you!!!
Ha Ha!! I LOVE it! Ironic that I just blogged about my drooling boy, I'll have to go back and edit it with your bandana bib link. Those are super cute, but unfortunately you may have missed your chance on gifting them to us. Maybe DJ would like them!! ;)
Butlers said…
Ps- I think it is time for you to start your own crafting blog. As in for reals...
Talk about raking in the $$$. There you go. xo