Annie, this week

Annie's driving me crazy right now, so I have to write a cute post about her, to remember that she drives me delightful sometimes too.

Do you know what the sign for "wind" is? You put your hands and arms out in front of you and swirl them from up to down, like a "curvy road up ahead" road sign.

Annie has definitely taken it to the next level. The other night, we were out playing in the brisk, evening air. Every time there was an extra big gust, Annie would stop what she was doing, scream "WIN!", close her eyes, and swirl and dip her whole body, arms outstretched, for a few lingering moments.

It took me right back to Modern Dance class at BYU-H, when we were vines or seaweed or something (complete with beige-colored unitards with green wiggles drawn up and down. remember coming to see me in THAT performance, friends?) and our first move was to, you guessed it, close our eyes, cross our arms across our body and dip and swirl like we were in a big wind gust.

I looked like a fool, but Annie, she's a natural.

Speaking of Annie, our second speech appointment lady informed us this week that she's moving to greener, less swampy pastures (North Carolina, in this case). Sigh. The idea of setting up with a whole NEW person is daunting. Especially with summer trips on the horizon. Still, if I pull her out for awhile, will I be kicking myself later?


Ann Marie said…
I hope Annie does her wind thing when we are there. I sounds delightful. I had a friend with a darling little girl but she had really had it with her daughter. I said "but she is so cute." My friend replied "Yes, but cute ran out about 3 hours ago."
She is so cute. It is amazing that little kids can learn all those signs, amazing.

Too bad her speech person is moving away. Kind of a pain to start all over again.

Annie and I had TERRIBLE speech for a long time. I think we had a made up language to talk to one another, so we didn't worry about english. We were in speech until 2nd grade (me) and 3rd grade (her) before we finally figured it all out.