1st child syndrome...and scowls...and tinks

Zane is the first child. Therefore, his mom has done things for him (fed him, dressed him, cleaned him, etc) for most of his life. However, he's eating on his own now, can wash himself like the best of him, and because of some very cool hand-me-ups, has half a dozen button-up shirts this summer to practice his buttoning skills. And believe me, he could use the practice:

He got to the end and said, "Mom, there are no more buttons!" Awesome.

He just asked me how to spell "OXY-CLEAN." Awesome.

A few days ago I overheard him playing transformers with his easter candy.

One Reese's peanut butter cup said to the other: "You will obey my orders and destroy the galaxy!"
The second replied, "Ay Ay Sir! cccuucchh chh chhc chh (tranformer sounds). And if I give her my heart, I will find true happiness!" Someone is cross-pollenating tranformers and barbie nutcracker, I'd say.

Now, onto my second born (who feeds herself, washes herself, and just went into the bathroom and went potty all herself, without telling me...which would have been great except that she forgot to pull down her undies first...small detail). Remember those scowls I promised?

However, yesterday we found a secret way to turn that frown upside down:

My neighbor figured it out actually. Just dress 'er up, yo!

Isn't Tinkerbell a little bit spunky? Perfect fit.


Jenny said…
Your kids are adorable! Ben is the one I still do everything for, being the baby and all. He's 7, but he just started taking showers by himself (except I stand there and watch to make sure he gets all the shampoo out of his hair and still dry him off) and I still help him with his socks and shoes, and cut up his food...man, I really need to back off, don't I? I guess it's the "don't want my baby to grow up syndrome"!
Katie said…
Oh my goodness, I've never seen a smile on that child so BIG!! That's the best... who knew she just needed a little dress-up in her life? I still smile like that when I get to dress up :)
Awesome! What princess dress wouldn't put a smile on a little girl's face! Just make a few and rotate every other day...she'll be always in costume but she'll be happy!! :) Until they need to be washed...... that's another story.
Ann Marie said…
Of course Annie would be smiling - tinkerball and green - it doesn't get much better than that. I am wearing my pink tinkerbell shirt and thinking of her. Glad Zane is working on buttons. I have seen so many romance covers where the hero has been holding his woman with one arm and his gun in the other (we check out romance pbks now) but his shirt is open to the navel. I realized that most real men are strong but have no fine muscle skills (buttoning). Glad Zane won't fit in that group. Whew