Z and A, lessons learned and lessons taught

Here's a good life lesson or two learned at the beach:

If, during the course of life, the cranberries you're eating accidentally fall in the sand, never fear. Just pick them up and wipe them off. Good as new:

Especially if there is a little gatorade to wash it all down with:

Oh, and one more thing. If you're getting tired of someone, just block them out:

And if that doesn't work, well then, just smile, my friends. Just smile:

(Especially if you're as cute as this one.)

Ahh, my kids. I've been enjoying them today. Annie's FINALLY starting to imitate more than just one word. so you'll hear her saying, "wub oo, daddy (love you)" or "wan mo teet (treat)!" or "ah woah (hello) Z! ah woah daddy!" or my favorite, "pee (please) mommy, mo wewwa! (we have Cinderella II from the library.)"

Could this be the beginning of a communicative, pleasant little girl?

I shouldn't go that far in my hopes just yet, should I?

Also, when she dances to the fresh beat band on nick jr, she mimics the dance exactly. The tilt to the side and attitude-ful arms cross at the end gets me every time. Emmygirl, we've found you a dance partner.

And Z? Well, you already know how I feel about Z. I think I forgot to write-up one funny from the doctor's office last week. He was all silent and cooperative when she was doing the checkup, but when she pulled out the look-into-your-ear thing he exclaimed, "Oh, I WAS HOPING YOU WOULD USE THAT!" made my day. made my life. what a kid.

He's learning this week that we can't do everything we want exactly when we want it. Hard lesson. But he's only asked for a different mom once so far, so that's pretty good.

Life is good! Even on the non-beach days.


walt or jean said…
A and Z. The perfect set. Thanks for sharing the quotes. Made our day!
Ann Marie said…
I love those little people. Thanks for sharing.
alliehoopes said…
we've had 3 families' share of whininess lately and lily said it best one night that "i just want what i want and when i don't get it now i get grUMPY".