Where have we been?

Dude. They finally took down the fences surrounding the playground in our little village. It has been MONTHS of construction, and now, for the most part, it's done! So we've been out there as much as possible.

On Saturday night we had a little building birthday party. Meaning the folks from our building walked together the 100 steps to the playground, and ate cake and let our kids play.

Here's the birthday boy with his mommy, who made a delicious cake (and who is, by the way, the wonderful gal who's been letting me borrow her bomb sewing machine all this time):

Zane + birthday friend (can't get over how different they look):

Annie + birthday boy's little sis:

Whole party:

Well, whole party minus Annie, who was sticking pretty close to her pops:

HAPPY to be at the playground again:

and to be eating cake:


Brenny said…
I just want to run my fingers through the birthday boys curly hair. It is gorgeous. I hope that doesn't sound skeevy. Great pictures and happy day that the playground is open again!