strep throat, shrep throat

okay so remember last friday when zane had the twenty four yucks? well, make that the (what's 24 time 7?) 168 hour yucks.

you guessed it (and seriously, if you guessed 168, that's impressive).

he's been up and down all week, bouncing back on Saturday, and acting well enough to push through church on sunday (thanks a lot, yell the other parents, if they had known), then totally normal on Monday, and even through a Target run on Tuesday after school (but that could be attributed to the popcorn and lemonade. magical stuff.) before crashing hard Tuesday afternoon into Wednesday evening. No biggie, I said to all (brandon), it's just another batch of the 24-hour yuck. NOTHING TO BE WORRIED ABOUT. I even made a dear friend bring her kid over for piano lessons and a playdate Thursday afternoon because the fever had broken Wednesday night. Strep throat, shrep throat, I scoffed.

Then last night Brandon told me that maybe I should have taken him to the doctor. Seems strange that the fever keeps coming back, he mentioned. NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT, I re-scoffed.

Made him go to school today. no fever! he's fine!

Then Ms. Allison calls me at 10:30. Zane has a temperature of 101 degrees. Might I suggest a doctor's office and a strep throat test.


so I take him in and request a strep test. and this time I'm the one who's scoffed at. But he doesn't have any symptoms, the nurse claims. I know I know, please just give him the test, for the sake of my husband and his teachers, I plead.

And wouldn't you know it (because it has to be this way because remember, brandon is always right), it came back BRIGHT AND POSITIVE.

Zane has strep throat.

I laughed (cried) all the way to the pharmacy. Brandon should buy lotto tickets.


Lotto tickets = bad logic

Being correct about strep throat (and most other things) = good logic

Ginger said…
This is the story of my life. We all had strep throat 4 weeks ago and your story is almost exactly the same as ours. My problem though, is that I hate going to the doctor and feeling like an idiot when they can't find anything wrong. We did take Sam to the doctor when he first got sick and the doctor made me feel stupid that I brought him in. Nothing in what he said, but still.