Ongoing projects

My husband has a secret talent, did you know?

He has a thing for art. (walt, kindred spirits?)

Anyway, usually it hides behind his rough, structural engineer exterior. But sometimes, if i can come up with just the right activity, it comes out and shines.

In this case, I had asked Zane to put my fabric scraps (from past projects--I'm nearing 100!) in a rainbow pattern like unto this one, and he was enthusiastic, but needed some direction. Enter Brandon the colorist:

It's not finished--this was a very quick first draft and we left out about 2 dozen--but still, would you have ever thought it was BRANDON behind this, if I didn't have the pictures to prove it?! thank you, blogger.

We've been full of fabric and color and design and excitement this week. Because turns out, you were so nice in those comments that I decided to actually start selling some bags in the real world. So every spare moment has been spent cutting and coordinating and having tons of fun. Brandon even added his trigonometric expertise to an idea for a little make-up bag project that will be part of the arsenal someday. See, we collaborated TWICE already this week. I always knew fabric brings people together in unlikely ways. lovin' it.

Oh, and because I should have done this last post, the bags I showed last time are "buttercup bags" from The pattern is free to try, and affordable for me to buy the selling rights to. Woot for all of us! :) (because I know that everyone who reads this is also a blossoming seamstress.)

So, it's been a fun week. But enough about all that.

Here's a series of my other ongoing, colorful project. I love this series, because it just screams adolescence:

First, the unaware glance over to the camera:
(isn't she a knockout?)

Then, the recognition, and the disgust:
And finally, the denial:
"No Mommy No!"

Sigh. It all starts here. Did you know she's in a big girl bed? Switched one night last week for who knows what reason, but we were lucky because the mattress happened to have a pink sheet on it. So the big girl bed was named, "Mah PEE (pink) Beh!" and it's been a hit ever since.

Unfortunately, this is not where the obsession with PEE stops. She also demands water from "MAH PEE WA WA TUH (cup)" and won't sit in anything but "MAH PEE TEH (chair)!" at dinner time. Oh, and everything in her wardrobe that isn't pink has been completely rejected. Sorry sweet little green and blue clothes, you're out of here. It's ridiculous.

oh, and in case you didn't notice, she isn't giving us any ending consonants yet. "PINK" (and not "PEE") will be a little bit more comfortable to hear day in and day out when she does.

But what can she say? She's Annie, after all. My ongoing project.

I probably can't sell her at a boutique on Bainbridge Island, can I?

(And for those of you who just gasped, I'm sorry. it just made for too good of a concluding sentence to leave out.)


Ginger said…
Fabric brings people together...awesome.

I completely sympathize with you on having a girl. They are a piece of work, aren't they. I couldn't have been this bad/emotional/clever/picky/pink infested when I was little, could I? sigh.
Ann Marie said…
I didn't know Brandon had a rough exterior :) That quilt looks really cute - lots of sewing but very cute - maybe you had better make a pee one to go on the pee bed to keep the adorable little girl in pee pajama's warm. Making and selling the bags sounds really exciting.
Ok, Michelle! I need a tutorial! I have been wanting to do that exact quilt ever since I saw the colorway quilt link on your blog. I'm sure I have enough fabric and colors. I guess I just need to get started cutting. Have you been doing it the same way? 4 1/2 x 2 1/2?? 99 blocks? Keep taking pictures as you go and maybe I'll figure out how to do it!
Oh and way to go Zane and Brandon? Who knew the concrete kid was so artistic?!
Oh Michelle!!! I love all your recent posts! I have neglected my dirty house for the last hour and don't feel a bit guilty because of how much I enjoyed reading of all your happenings lately! You are THE BOMB blogger, seriously, love yours the best, so keep it up..for my sake! Nah, totally selfish. for yours and mine and everybody's! yay for you michelle, you rock!!
Alyson said…
I may like to order a pee bag one day. Well actually, I prefer green and blue, but we aren't all perfect. Sigh.