A letter to Friday

Friday, is that you? Oh, we are so happy to have found you. It's been a long week.

I got my first shipment of bags sent out to the Indie Banditas Bazaar and Shop this morning. Here's the loot!
My favorite parts have been the fun linings I've added to some--check out this green paisley, inside the zebra print. loving it:

And my 50 zippers are supposed to arrive today, so I'm going to work on the second shipment of goods (coin purses, makeup bags, etc) for next week. It's been a fun week, but also a week of late nights. It's hard to go to bed when you're having so much fun. :)

Annie busted out some puke last night. enough said. (well, I suppose I should say that it was only last night, and today she's feeling better. still, puke. enough said.)

Brandon's had a tough week at work. Lots to do, lots to do, lots to do. and that's without his wife, children, and church to think about. He did send me over more "proof" of his artsy side to show the fans:
These were both done on his laptop, without a model to look at! but he swears it doesn't happen during "real work" time. :) no worries, I believe him, and am happy that he can "paint" without actually getting out any "paint." I'll take it. And I think the paintings are rockin'.

Zane continues to make our moments by saying things like, "Easy Sneezy!" or the long version, "Easy peasy, lemon squeezy!" who knew so many words rhymed with easy! (what? peasy and squeezy aren't words, what?) Also, when you help him with his computer games, he yells, "Evoid the bad guys! Evoid!" I say, "You mean Avoid?" "Yes, that's what I said, Evoid!" He's the best.

One more "tender mercies" story. So you know I've been taking this choir class? every week, before we sing our first note, our director makes us "find an a" to sing from. All my life, I haven't been an A finder. haven't cared. haven't had that need. but all the sudden, I feel like she saying, "Come on Michelle, what's the matter with you? Find an A!" so I've been trying harder. So anyway, our director invited me to accompany her to a concert with a visiting symphony orchestra (from Russia) wednesday night at the university. She had reminded us all in class the day before that a good way to know where an "A" is is to think of an orchestra warming up. they always tune to "A," you see. Well long story short, right before she warmed up, she looked over at me, smiled and said, "Okay Michelle, where's that A?" I thought (panicked) for a moment, then mustered up my best guess. She guessed a half step lower. And when the orchestra came in? They came in right on my note. CUE THE SINGING ANGELS IN HEAVEN: AH!

She winked and said, "Well, you got it this time!"

pretty awesome. :) lovely concert too.

Friday, you're here! Time to party!


Brenny said…
Yay for Friday! The purses are delicious, and yes, I do mean they are good enough to eat. They are beautiful. SO... how can we get in on the handmade action? I don't suppose the Bazaar is online. Curse my western locale.

Loved the 'A' story. Good for you.
Ann Marie said…
My week has not been nearly so productive but I too am happy to welcome Friday. Love the bags - and the lining. I learned something today - why I don't sing in a choir (beside the fact I can't sing) I didn't even know the A was missing. Let alone try to find it.
Debbie said…
Wow, talented lady. I give you an "A". :) Good luck with the purses.
Lauren said…
Umm... you are too crafty with those bags. They are SO cute. How much money to buy one from ya? ;) Glad you found that A. :)
Lillie said…
The bags are SOO cute. So you did decide to do this show or store or whatever... yay! Is that little tag inside your name or something? You're like a designer! I love it. And the additional fabric is SO cute. It's all about the details.
alliehoopes said…
wait so i have like the last 5 posts bookmarked to come back and say stuff but i'm slow so ya. BRANDON!?!?! holy moly. how does one even do that? and yes, I mean how do you technically do that (like one of those little tablets or something?) and also how does such an engineering brain do something like that...all the little swoops and the blending and the not-math? holy moly again.
Tilly said…
Reading about the kids..strept....took me back about 60 plus or minus years when Robert started school...one day he could hear and the next day he couldn't...only we didnt KNOW..THE TEACHER KEPT TELLING ME HE WAS TOO DUMB TO GO TO SCHOOL.. I kept trying to help him read at home not knowing he couldn't hear...this went on and on and on....not a good time to go back...but IT WILL PASS...LOVE TILLY