Just got back..

...from the pharmacy, with strep throat medicine for Annie.

Oh, how nice, you say, the pediatrician just called in some medicine since she knew Zane had it earlier.

But oh no, they wouldn't do that. We had to go in, get traumatized by the weight machine (especially since I ended up have to hold her and get weighed, then get weighed by myself, then find the difference for Annie's weight, since she wouldn't get weighed alone. Heather, that half a cheesecake from last night did not help with that moment.), then traumatized further with the thermometer (at least her underarm temp was 101.3...a much better showing of "sick" than zaneman). By the time the doctor actually got to us, Annie was tucked into the littlest ball imaginable, unwilling to budge. (ps--I know these are not necessarily traumatic acts. but with Annie, nothing is untraumatic.)

Luckily, our doctor is a magician. Her soothing voice and soft touch opened up our Annie enough to listen to a fine heart beat, peek into each ear to look for infection (negative) and ALMOST see enough of the throat to say a definite "YAY" on the strep. Instead, she gave a "probably" and sent us on our way with a prescription to fill.

I wouldn't have minded an over-the-phone "probably," but no matter. We're on our way, yo.


Ann Marie said…
Your doctor is probably such a magician with children because when she was still a student practicing at a clinic where real children came in, she did not have all easy ones and learned to be soft and soothing. Just a thought.:) Hope Annie feels better soon.