It's perfectly reasonable, is it not..

to think that pooh the beloved:

needs shoes:

in order to join us outside?

(And by the way, I love that I showed off so much of the "rusticness" of our student housing living in this post. complete with the looming, scaaarrrryyy heater. It deserves its own ominous title, don't you think? And you see the chairs, table, and ironing board back there in the first two pictures? that's the dining room/sewing room! so spacious!)

I've been sewing up a storm over here, getting ready to send my things to the Cloverdale Elementary School Craft Fair on April 17th in Idaho Falls. Ladies and gentlemen in the area, find Kjerstin, she'll have my goods mixed in with hers! (and some bows like Annie's collection from my rockin' sis-in-law/partner-in-sewing-crime Tina!) Wallets and pencil cases and knapsacks (and buttercups and make-up bags), oh my!

Then maybe I'll have a life again.


walt or jean said…
What a beautiful little girl and her bear (and shoes).