It finally happened..

...I made something that looks like my grama bee made it.

see, grama bee, gotta love her, she made things that didn't match.

Whenever we received a gift with a "made by bee" tag inside, we would think to ourselves, did she not look at these and just SEE that they don't match?

Well, I knew I was heading towards her path the other week when I had this conversation with my dad:

dad: We found a great doll for Annie at the store.

me: really? what makes it great?

dad: It is dressed in clothes that are along the lines of something either you or grama bee would make. you know, almost matching..

(dad, you know I'm exaggerating here. still, I didn't even know I was on her path until you tipped me off.)

Well, today I outdid myself.

See, I was making a bagpack/knapsack thing, and as it finished I decided it was more of a "proto-type, to be kept home and given to my child" kind of backpack, and less of a "send this to indie banditas to sell right away" kind of backpack. Zane! New backpack!

Well, Annie was mad about something right then, so to cheer her up, I said, "Annie, would you like me to make you a backpack too? (more trial runs, I was thinking to myself)."

"NO!" she hollered back. she was, after all, mid-tantrum.

I remembered that someone had just given me a pair of light pastel purple jean khaki capris (?? yes, I'm serious) that I couldn't possibly pull off, and they would make a perfect up-cycled bag.
"Annie, what if it was a PURPLE backpack?"

Another "NO!" put that idea to a close, until a few minutes later, when post-tantrum Annie came and tugged on my pants with a sweet plea: "Mommy ah me a puh-pull baa-paa pee?"

I told her that if she would (PLEASE!) go and take a rest, I would indeed make her a purple backpack.

This story is losing interest, I know. long story short, I found some hot pink ribbon from my stash for the pulls, and some pastel yellow dotted fabric for the lining. then I needed a pocket for the front, but the only fabric scrap (remember, I'm using things up here) I could find with that same pink in it was more mustard-y yellow, with pink, green, and white circles and flowers.

Notice I didn't say include purple in that color scheme.

And definitely not pastel purple.

Sigh. Here it is.

It looks worse in real life. the purple really isn't that pretty. (thank you iphoto! no one would have known!) Especially when you compare inside and out:

ooo, those yellows. and who thought of making purple as the blend together color? oh yeah, me.

But you know what I learned? It's NOT ABOUT THE MATCHING. It's about the using up. That was her secret. And it's a mighty fine one, turns out.

sigh. We can't all be dark jean and orange, I suppose.

(ps: picture one of those orange creatures bigger, cut out in jean and appliqued to the bottom right corner of the orange fabric. if only I knew how to applique. maybe someday. maybe tomorrow.)

Zane's just happy I finally made something for him.

And speaking of Zane, today I heard him say:
"I know almost everything. Yeah, in fact, I do know everything!" Incredible.


Alyson said…
I'm playing catch up on blog reading this morning. Thanks again for sharing your everydayness.
Carolyn said…
Michelle, you make me laugh. I think your projects are great.

Your kids are ADORABLE.
Butlers said…
Those knapsacks are truly wonderful.
I can't wait to buy one for Mae.
I think they will be a hot seller.
Lots of little ones wanting to fill their bags with goodies.
Rae said…
I'm.... well, really anal about colors. The aprons I finished recently? the green fabric from one was actually supposed to be the accent fabric on another, but I looked at it (in natural lighting, not craft store lighting) and immediately deemed them "All WRONG!" and changed the projects. Right now, I'm challenging myself with a scrappy nine-patch quilt where nothing matches. I have to do it slowly, and with breaks, because it's making me nuts.

I think the knapsacks are adorable!

/end way too long comment.
walt or jean said…
Please look at your color wheel. You will find across from pastel purple is pale yellow:a perfect match! You did it without thinking. Symphonically, is was a perfect A. Artistic genius. Bee--autiful.
alliehoopes said…
first your stories never get boring so story on!

next i think i'm honored that that one time you laid out my quilt top at your mom's and said something about it being grandma-bee-style-only-matching.

then lately i was thinking about how you know some people get a mohawk or a tattoo because they kind of want to intimidate people? like maybe they'll weed out the ninnies because only gutsy people will readily approach them? maybe i'm getting a little like that with matching things. like, you wanna tell me this looks weird, go ahead. see what happens. i know i'm a bad a. sorry about that i had to.

lastly i was looking at a crafty-made applique max shirt that i didn't make and it seems that they backed the shape they were appliqueing with interfacing (maybe even 2-sided so it sticks to both things) and then zig-zagged around all the seams. but kept most of the zigs on the applique part and not the shirt so it was nice looking and not outlined in zigs and zags.

the end.