Is it safe to come out in the open?

My dear cousin had a baby last month. I thought and thought about what gift to make her, but in the end, I knew what I had to do:

That's right folks, another "Clucky and babes" was busted out. After all, we had to add to the family, didn't we?

I know what you're thinking:

Don't worry, Zane thought it too.

In fact, he asked, "Mom, why did you have to make them look so....different?"

Bad lighting on this last one, but I had to add it to enjoy the full benefit of Zane's comment.

so....different? brandon says it's the eyes..

...speaking of Zane, that poor little boy went to bed with a 102 temp tonight! WILL THIS BUG PLEASE JUST LEAVE US ALONE, PLEASE?!


tonight, as I sat down to dinner, my gaze shifted over to the green bin in the living room, where my children sat (on their plastic chairs), staring at the tv with plates of broccoli, a banana, and toast in front of them. and gatorade.

"brandon, I've become my worst nightmare. I'll do better tomorrow, I promise."

"hey," he said back, "at least you haven't wrung their necks."

bless that brandon.

until tomorrow..


alliehoopes said…
you are a crafting storm. way to be, curly-girl. it's all adorable. very much yes to the mermaid project...but the sister that can draw has been out of the country (i know, and i'm here with sick kids too) until today. then we'll get crackalackin. i'm excited for you.
Jenny said…
Adorable! I saw your bags at Indie Banditas yesterday, they're wonderful! I hope you send more of your creations. Cluky & babes would probably be a big hit, too!