Do you know what the 24 flu looks like?

Here it is, folks:

Here's the "during:"

(Have you ever seen him so pathetic looking?)

Here's the "next day:"
(ahh, a little bit better, phew)
(gotta love the next day chocolate chip cookie mustache too)

If I had a picture of "the next, next day" for Annie and "the next day" for Zane (aka today), you'd see jumping and smiling and normalcy.

Thank heavens.


Oh dear! At least you can enjoy some pretty chill kids and not feel bad about watching movies all day long? I kinda like the days when my boys are sick cause there is much less craziness going on.
Christin said…
This might sound really sadistic but I relish my "time off" when Luke has the flu because he goes into his room and just sleeps. The kid never does that when he's well. Sad but true.
Alyson said…
Loved all of the bags Michelle. You are super woman to bust out so many.

Sorry about the 24 flu. Adam seemed to have had that this weekend too, but he was better in only a few hours. Crazy!

Hope we both find Friday again soon this week. Is that bad to say on a Monday morning before my kids are even up?
Lillie said…
Am I the MOST horrible mom in the world that I see that and I'm almost a little jealous? I sort of love when my kids are feverish because they just snuggle and lay around--- super sweet for 24 hours.... I mean besides the fact that they're in pain- that's awful.:)