Did i mention it was spring break this week?

It made all the sick stuff that much more brutal.

And, well, we couldn't take it anymore.

I asked the doctor yesterday if strep meant to limit activities. Just keep him away from other people for 24 hours or so...

You got it, doctor. See how far away he is from anyone?

Yep, we ran to the beach. Brandon had us moving early, and as we scooted out the door with relative ease I thought to myself, Wow, this is almost becoming routine! (I really like routine, by the way. this was a very good sign.)

So, after a giggling hour of Car Talk and a little bit of Wait, Wait, (and a short trip to the outlet mall for shoes for brandon. And by the way, wow, there are a lot of things to buy out there if you have money, which we don't. good thing I don't go to those places very often. drool drool, j. crew) we made it!

We seem to have this thing for beaches on below 70 degree days. It was windy and a little bit cooooool. but I'm not complaining (plus, the kids don't seem to mind now do they?):

They plunked themselves right down and dig-dig-digged to their hearts' content. Pretty cool sand at this beach, eh?

We went here a year ago with Brandon's family. Fun to compare.

Sigh. Being a mommy blogger is so silly. To prove you were a part of the action, it's either this:

or this:

(here brandon. quit relaxing, sit up, and take this picture. better make it good! no, not good enough, do it again! try and make it look natural!) Ridiculous.

Oh well. Hey, posterity. I was here too.

And so were these two.

Truth is, I wasn't the only one interrupting Brandon's bliss. Annie kept chucking the shovel at him saying, No daddy, dig! Dig dig!! Which might have been okay if we had remembered our real shovels but we hadn't so she was chucking a three-pronged gardening cultivator instead (aka hand rake. i googled "gardening tools" to come up with cultivator. I'm tired.)

Strep throat, shrep throat.

(ps--a word for ginger who commented on my last post: I'm like you, exactly. the whole reason I didn't want to go was because of the belittling looks, especially since my son looked like the above picture. sick, huh? I couldn't take going and being turned away. so see, I'm not just a dope.)

It was a great day. On the way home, we stopped for hot dogs at an off the highway stand, fruit and boiled peanuts further down the road in back-country fl, and ice cream to finish off the trip. And might I say, thank heavens for ice cream:

We're home and as always, we're exhausted. But at least we tasted spring break!


Ginger said…
AAAAAAUUUUGGG, Doesn't it drive you crazy that they look so healthy? When really they are sick? Two doctor visits ago, I took Sam to the dr., and Sam talked and talked and talked and talked and wouldn't stop. (He was practically laying on his death bed while we were at home) The dr did a strep test and it came back negative. We went back in a week later and the test was positive. It completely drives me crazy.

Also, I wish I could make Indiana corn fields look as cool as the beach. sigh.
I think that I am a bit jealous. I would love to be able to just go to the beach as much as you do! we miss you all
Alyson said…
What a fun day! I'm glad you got to enjoy spring break. But I wonder, what does spring break mean? Did Brandon have a few days off?
Awesome day, huh? Does't look like strep got Zane down one bit! What a killer way to spend a day, and WOW to that sand!! Thanks for the closeup picture cause before seeing that it was a bunch of little broken shells, all I saw was bird seed and couldn't stop wondering why in Flordia they had a beach made from bird seed!? Silly huh? So thanks for the clarification and for letting us "come along" for the day through your post! :)
P.s. I had to write after reading down your blog to catch what I'm behind on....your makeup bags michelle!!!! So cute and professional looking. LOVE the fabric choices too! I'm glad you will be selling on etsy, i hope it's successful for you! I just might have to buy one myself! :) Love you crafty girl. i'm living vicariously through you!