Did I mention brandon's been out of town?

Of course I didn't! You can't mention real-time things like that on the blog until they're over and done with and you've lived to tell about it.

But Brandon has indeed been out of town, for the past 5 days. He went to a concrete convention (no, I am not even joking) in Chicago.

He got to eat out, go boat touring downtown, sleep in luxury, and give a presentation about his most recent research project (which is about, you guessed it, concrete). He even got to chill with two of my favorite people in the world, brother Jon and wife Tina. JEALOUS! He claims it was a lot of work and I try to believe him...but I'm glad he got to squeeze in a little fun along the way. (and jon and tina. again, jealous!)

While he was gone, I didn't eat a whole lot of vegetables.

I didn't go to bed on time.

I watched too much tv. And Cinderella. Including a late showing at 10pm last night with my dear little princess.

BUT, I survived. Even amidst annie strep and annie and annie and annie.

And I learned a great lesson: Don't want to cook dinner? There's always Steak 'n' Shake:


Debbie said…
Awesome picture of Zane. I can't believe how grown up he's starting to look. It reminds me that Clark keeps telling me that he wants to "go to our old house and visit my friends" i.e. Zane and Annie.
Brenny said…
Yea for surviving! When Darren gets back from a trip or something, I am always super impressed/admiring/aware of single parents. I don't know how they do it full time. That steak and shake place sounds (and looks -- what a great picture of Zane!) awesome.
Lillie said…
OH why is that one of the hardest things--- to believe they were "working" and treat them like it's true. We all know the truth. Sounds like you were a good sport. Good job. And did you say Annie had strep? As it strep throat??? I really hope not--- I think there are are few things worse.

And all of these bags you're making! SOOO cute---- SOOO many! You're so talented MeeShel my belle.
Ginger said…
Okay, so I totally thought that Steak and Shake was an Indiana thing. Loren and I swore that we would never go and try it out-it just seemed gross-kind of like Wafflehouse seems gross. Well, this week my mom and sister came to visit and we needed a date and decided that nearly 6 years of avoiding it was too long, so we went for the first time on Wednesday night. I loved it, Loren loved it, and so we took the kids there for lunch today. Great shakes and great burgers. Fabulous. Sam insists that his car is a Ferrari.
Alyson said…
I'm glad you survived! I think Brandon was out of town about the time that we gals all went to California and left our men folk in charge. I think Brad and Lee can empathize with you more this time.