Daylight Savings Blues

Wow. I have never had such a problem with daylight savings time. but this week? seriously. We can't wake up in the morning. It's 7 o'clock already? (some of you again scoff at this late wake-up time. believe me, it's early.) It's still dark! Impossible!

One day this week we even slept until 8:36am. Zane's school starts at 8:30. And when I say "we," please, by no means think I'm talking about the whole family. oh no, Zane was up and playing Wubzy on the computer. When I asked him, "Zane, how long have you been awake?" he replied, "A REALLY REALLY long time." parents of the year, I tell you what.

It might have something to do with the burst of energy I get at the new 11pm. Who wants to go to sleep? Not me. So our bedtime has been pushed back to the old 11pm. Not so good for the new 7am.

Sigh. I will admit that a relaxed morning schedule is one of the best parts of this stay-at-home-momness. The pre-mom-world requirement to be somewhere by some early time was almost debilitatingly (what, not a word?) stressful to me (especially when it was the 5:20am ferry--that I walked to--in order to be at Williams-Sonoma by 6am). I am even a little stressed at the thought of Kindergarten, which starts here at 7:45.

sigh. anyone up for a move to Arizona? Which other states steer clear of daylight savings? Hawaii, I think? Bring it.

ps--I happened upon something this week that reminded me to savor my young children. My son has a LOOSE TOOTH! WITH A TOOTH COMING UP RIGHT BEHIND IT!

I thought that didn't happen until Kindergarten. I was not prepared.

Zane can't wait for the tooth perry to come.


Brenny said…
Daylight savings kicked my trash this year, too. Somehow the discussion of time was lost on my 4-year-old when it was still light at her bedtime. We've had some crabby early mornings.
Christin said…
Luke had two teeth knocked loose on the playground and two permanent teeth grew in behind. We had to make a trip to the dentist to have them pulled because they were so stubborn.

Louisa said…
No problems with a time change here! Move on over to sunny AZ. Sorry, no beaches but lots of great pools! We'd love for you to be our neighbor.
Butlers said…
You have already sold two bags girlie~!
Kimball said…
Hey Girly! How long has it been? I am back to blogging but I have gone private. Send me your email and I will add you on! Hope you are great. Missed talking to you!
Kimball said…
By the way....I love that you found Aaron Waite. I was in the institute choir group with him at Dixie (along with his wife.) He always accompanied for me. Great Great guy! (and gal)I think he was working on great stuff even back then.
Ginger said…
Sadly enough, Indiana USED to not have to go through Daylight Savings. I was super nice, but a pain because none of my family couldn't remember if I was 2 hours or 1 hour ahead of them. But they changed it last year, I think. It's nice to have to change like the rest of the world...but still hard to handle.