And Sunday bit back..

Or should I say today?

Either way, the yuckiness found me last night after an already BRUTAL day with my Annie (who had decided that milk was for the birds and who found this new stuff--GATORADE--to be the only acceptable form of nourishment, solid or liquid, and was therefore a little GRUMPY due to a lack of protein and everything else that wasn't GATORADE) and stuck around until today about 5pm. Luckily I have a "gut of steel" (as opposed to "abs of steel" which quite frankly is closer to something worth bragging about) so the "bug" was nothing more than morning-sickness-like yucks all day. Wow--not ready for that again yet.

Anyway, I felt crappy. I tried to sleep it off, but to no avail. Plus, all that sitting around and thinking about it almost made it worse. So I got up and cleaned, then sewed. Big surprise, yah? (and wouldn't you know it, I feel better now. It was either the 24-thing, or the sewing, I'm not sure.)

Here's a hint about my latest goods:
Curious? Well now, twist my arm:

Makeup bags! They are another perfect way to say peace out to the remaining fabrics I've been enjoying all year.

Okay, so a couple of you kind souls have wondered about buying (!!) some goods, even if you don't live on an island in the northwest. Well, I'm rather sheepishly announcing that in partnership with sending bags (and bags and bags) to the Indie Banditas Shop, I have opened up a little (little!) etsy shop as well:

(get it? mer made goods. hee hee, I thought I was so clever until I tried to register on etsy and found a dozen other "mer"s who had thought of it first. hence the addition of "goods." but my first little tags just say mer.made. in my own handwriting font, thanks to allie.)

Anyway, I'm mainly up there to complete a loop of bonafided-ness (bag purchased with a mermade goods card inside would lead one to the etsy, to see more variety of happiness, etc), but I will admit to being excited about showcasing goods for some loyal friends and family as well.

And I'm open to requests! I just have to find a designer who doesn't mind their product being made my me, then sold (like madebyrae) or design some things myself, based on things I've seen and read here and there (like the makeup bags, and some coin purses, like the one I finished up tonight but the lighting is bad, so I'll wait. Oh and maybe little girl get the picture).

Everything takes time too, I've noticed..thank heavens for long nap times and little boys who like to build big cities:
He's really the hero of today, admist my yuckiness (and every day, quite frankly. sent from heaven, this little boy. do you like how he's ducking to be sure to be in the picture?). Thank you Zane. You are the BEST.

I'm off to help with the dishes! (But I'm dreaming about more sewn goods, don't you worry.)


Tina said…
Thought I would comment just for fun but really to tell you to check your email- what I really want to say is all there.
Butlers said…
Got the bags. Love them. I really think the makeup bags will sell very well. I have nothing like that in the store and haven't seen any handmade makeup bags at any shows. Send as many as you can and we'll price them at 30bones.
walt or jean said…
Absolutely stunning!! You are on to something great!! So is that builder of large cities. . . such variety in his building style!

Hope you are all feeling much better soon!
Brenny said…
I'm glad you are feeling better. I've already stopped by the etsy shop and will be placing an order soon. LOVE the make-up bags.