So the first dinner prayer in the Keys, given by Zane, went something like this: "and thank you for the food. and thank you that we could be in the land of pirates..."

After that, the hunt was on for pirates.

The road we stayed on even turned into PIRATES rd on the other side of the highway:

But we knew that wouldn't quite be enough. So the next day, Heather, Kwang, and Zane set off for Key West and the PIRATE MUSEUM. (Me and Annie slept for 3 hours while they were away. like daughter, like mother.)

This wasn't exactly your Disney setting of pirates, so Heather tells me. Instead, there were scary tales in the dark (with trembling Zane sticking close), rooms for only adult pirates, if you know what I mean, and Zane's favorite part, the decapitated head of Blackbeard floating above the crowd. "IT WAS TOTALLY AWESOME!!" he cried as he re-explained it to me later.

But there was a gift shop:
(Heather, after looking at this picture all day, I can't BELIEVE you didn't bring those pirate hats home. Seriously, priceless shot.)

Beware all you landlubbers! (Kwang seems to understand the concept here a little more than Zane, wouldn't you say?):

I'm told Zane also had many comments about all the "beautiful flowers" and "beautiful ladies." hmm. Heather assures me that the ladies he kept referring to were 65+ years old, so I suppose that's okay.

And that was that! ARRRGG, mateee...

And don't worry--Annie was happy as can be to stay home and live in fairy princess land (because yes Debbie, the wings also made it to the keys).


Pirates...sounds like a good vacation theme to me!! Lucky the Key's delivered or that would have been one disappointed Zaneman, huh?
Lillie said…
Oh I love that boy--- your blog is the first place I remember reading and LOVING all of the funny things our little ones say. I think Zane says some of the very best!
Debbie said…
Can't imagine Annie with Blackbeard's head. Well, I could probably guess. Must be a boy thing... :) Glad Annie (or mom) had her priorities straight when packing.
Alyson said…
Thats it. I am moving to Florida. You have too much fun down there.
Annie said…
You are so funny Miche! I am glad that you check out our blog every once in a while. I have to admit too, I used to check your blog EVERY DAY a few months back. When we got a new computer I somehow lost your blog address.Now that I have found you again, let the blog stalking begin!! :). It's great to see pics of you and your family. Annie is so adorable. She and Lainey would get in SERIOUS trouble together. Zane cracks me up too, looks like he had a blast at the pirate place! Here is a fun memory: Wanna take turns sleeping in shifts until the parents are asleep, go and strap on some roller blades and go for a midnight stroll around the neighborhood? Remember how we ran into some coyotes?!!