just want to remember 12:09pm today...

...because man, I love these two little beasts:

I am not everything. I don't draw well, don't like adventure, don't have my bed made, don't own a business. But I DO spend most of my waking hours trying to love and love and love these two characters.

And as I walked out of the library today, holding Annie by one finger, smiling back at all the adoring onlookers, I couldn't help but feel like a million bucks. Annie isn't everything. She still has a WAYS to go with her language, and she denied any potty going talk this morning, and she bawled when Zane wanted to take his own backpack from the car, down the hill, up the stairs, and across the breezeway. (all you garage havers, you have something we don't! cherish it!) But she LOVES her princess stickers at the end of speech (one on each hand and they stay on for days, showers included) and LOVES telling everyone about "MY daddy" and has helped our family adopt a new nickname for Zaneman because her "Zee" is irresistible. And plus, she's a total knockout:

And Zane is almost everything, but not quite. He does his 2s and 5s backwards and can't get a capital N to save his life, and he is really into bugging his little sister lately. But he is also imaginative (jumping out of bed in the morning first with, "Look! it's seven o'clock!" then going right into "Transformas! O bot eats dee eye!" while he flicks on his light and his parents hit the snooze button) and caring toward his Annie, not to mention a pro at "go fish"...and he's even getting better at shaking hands and saying, "good game" when he loses occasionally. Plus, he still says stuff like, "Listen mom! Would you like to dance with me to this wonderful music?" (said while passing a construction truck blaring rap music)

So today, I just wanted to remember these two. As always, I'm feeling torn between a multitude of goods..keeping appointments and playdates and sewing and reading and preparing meals and on and on..but it felt right to take a moment or two to be still and just LOOK.

I may not be everything, but I'm their mama. Today, that's better than good enough.


Leslie said…
I needed this post today! Thanks!!
Carolyn said…
Michelle, can I just tell you how much I admire you? I have since you were in high school (and I was in junior high). I came across your blog and I was so happy to see how you're doing.

You are an AMAZING woman! Your kids are adorable.
kandygardner said…
...ahhhh....I definitely needed that today. My poor Emily has been wanting to play "Guess Who" all day and really that's all I want to do too!! I loved the sentence about being torn between a multitude of goods. Right now I need to stop and take a moment to be still and be with my children! Thank you for your simple inspiration! I needed that reminder today.
Beautifully written, my friend. I think you're wonderful. :)
Alyson said…
Beautiful kids and beautiful message!