Just got back from the Keys..

..Little Torch Key, to be exact.

It was totally awesome.

It was also 8-9 hours away, we had to leave our pops behind, and I'm hoping our friends/hosts Heather and Kwang still want to associate with us after having to play parents #2 and 3 for me and finding out that we are loud (z and a), boring (me), treat-driven people.

And I will not lie: the weather could have been a tad warmer/sunnier/less windy. But I feel ridiculous saying that with most of the northeast trapped under feet and feet of snow. And we were still able to capture moments like this:

So really, can there be any tad warmer talk, in all seriousness?

More happiness (and details on the actual what) tomorrow.


Debbie said…
Beautiful pictures. I love that Winnie the Pooh made it to the keys too.
no, no more tad warmer talk, because it was -4 when I woke up this morning, wish i was visiting the keys :)