the invite, the trip, the flora and fauna, the kids, the food, the ceiling

So, the Keys. Our friend Heather's husband was headed down there for an astromony-lover's "star party" and she asked us to come down and keep her company when he was sleeping. SURE THING I said! Brandon was invited, but hung back because of some major work needs, so last Thursday morning, us girls and my kids set off.

....and nine and a half hours later (!!!!! we started IN florida, mind you) we arrived. awesome.

Friday morning, we set off in search of a beach. Turns out, the Keys are really more for boaters and fishermen and scuba divers and snorkelers...but with kids, it's the beach or bust in terms of fun, so that's where we landed. Right away I tried to make Heather take a picture of me and the kids. This is the best we got. Picture me yelling, "Zane, look at Heather! Annie look at Heather!" and them in unison busting out "NO!!!" and continuing in their fun. sigh. such is life.

Annie, in fact, never looked up. She was in heaven in that (beautiful, white) sand:

On our way to the beach that first morning, Zane yells out, "Will there be eagles? I love chasing eagles!"

ahh, what a difference an "S" makes.

We did, in fact, see some (s)eagles, but they were far more interested in breakfast than they were in us. And breakfast was pretty intriguing in this case; apparently, fish and fish and more fish come in with the tide then get "stuck" as it were, and add to the food chain by being "room service" for the seagulls. It was a little annoying for us, as we had to jump over said room service in order to get to the water, but no biggie. a little weird, but no biggie.

Ah, it was beautiful. I was soaking it in for all you Wyoming people, I promise.

And that was the end of the beach. The wind rolled in a couple hours later, then the cold and clouds, then the rain rain rain. We enjoyed the pool that afternoon before the rain set in, then hunkered down (Heather did I just steal your verbage?) for awhile.

The next morning, Zane got to accompany our hosts to KEY WEST, for an adventure I'll disclose tomorrow. He has now been to a place before both of his parents. While they were gone, me and Annie slept. ahh, napping in the keys. perfection.

Later that afternoon, we went out on a walk to explore our surroundings:

So many different plants (and so many more retired folks!) than even Gainesville. It was a fun afternoon.

So that's about that! We did some Olympics watching both Friday and Saturday night, then packed our bags and left Sunday morning. It only took us 8 hours to return home...This is what my kids looked like for a majority of the trip (Notice that in our car, real men drink pink and all the ladies say CHEESE on cue.):

I let Zane have the camera for a few minutes on our walk, and although his spy pictures didn't quite make the final cut for the blog, I appreciated this off-balance one he got of me and heather. notice my grubbies next to heather's hipness. I need a new wardrobe:

And of course, we had to experience a little key lime pie (and when I mean little, I actually mean little this time. which was probably a good thing, considering there were dozens of brownies and a bucketful of ice cream awaiting us at home):
Here's an ironic/funny/brandon-is-right-again moment. When we first arrive in the Keys, we step into the rental house, and it's beautiful. Charming, updated kitchen and bath, etc. Then I look up and see this:

That's right folks. This ceiling looks exactly like the ceiling that my dear husband put in our basement in Idaho. I thought he was crazy (and apparently so did the prospective buyers) but Brandon held strong that he was just patterning it off a "beach home in south florida." Well, Brandon, you were (of course) right. Do you think we can include this picture in the brochure the next time we try and sell the idaho house? Doubters be duped!

Tomorrow: bring on the PIRATES!


Carolyn said…
How beautiful! It makes me want summer to start...
WOW!!! Living a dream over there Michelle. Yes, you have your children at Key West, which is great of course but not "vacation"....but look at all the times you get to go to the beach....and I mean BEACH! Not totally Hawaii, but HEY! Dipping your toes in the sand and surf WAY more than I ever get to here in ORegon. Is it bad to be jealous?....sigh.
Lillie said…
What a fun and BEAUTIFUL trip! THankgoodness you got yourself a good camera because we are ALL benefiting from that... sooo lovely.