Having a life (and therefore not blogging for a spell)!

Aunt Lindsey is here! We love her, hands down. While she's been here, we've stuffed ourselves with southern bbq (all of us), watched movies (she and zane) and psych (she, b, and me), gone out for ice cream (at a local place that we love..if you come, we will take you), gotten dirt for a sandbag project (can you guess who was behind that one?), gone to a basketball game (gators won!), attempted a middle-of-the-night excursion to the coast to see the shuttle launch (payback for the instigator of the dirt project)(if you don't remember about me and launches, I'll tell you, I stayed home and slept), came home empty-handed and were relieved to find out that the shuttle didn't go at all (so it wasn't their fault that they didn't see it even though during the journey brandon went left when he should have gone right and they landed in a cloud-filled cow pasture at the appointed shuttle-launching time), slept in various stages, went to church, went on a walk, and skyped. phew. and she's still got enough in her for another attempt at the launch tomorrow morning (although she's staying local this time) before she peaces out at 7am back west.

What a woman!

you thought I was kidding about the dirt, didn't you?
Ahh, Florida in February. Happy we could share it with Linds.


Alyson said…
Sounds like it was fun. Linz told me about jumping the fence to catch the launch the second attempt. Crazy! Glad you all had a fun time.