funnies and normal

Just a couple of funnies:

Zane has this friend. They are quite a pair. We (their parents) often joke of arranged marriages. But we now wonder if we've all taken it a bit far. Why the worry? The other day, while playing (like normal children), here is some of the (abnormal) dialogue that slipped out:

Sienna: "Zane, do you want me to marry you? ZANE! (He was distracted.) I SAID, do you still want me to marry you?!"
Zane: "Yes Sienna!"
Sienna: "Well then, you have to DO WHAT I SAY!"

then later:
Zane, exasperated: "Sienna, I love you, do you love me?"

Maybe they need to see other people. :)

Just kidding. Besides, how could you not love this smile?

I call it "Goatee."

And this must be "Facial":

Sigh. I had more to say than this. I guess it's just another day of grateful reflection. We have our health. We have each other. What else do we need?

A special family member went through some pretty serious surgery this week; everything is okay, but the process itself caused me to pause, many times throughout the week, and pray. Pray that all would be well. Pray that life could return to normal as soon as possible.

And who knew that normal was so good? Oh, but it is. Motherhood is sometimes in so deep that normal just seems full of lulls. This week, I have been thankful for the lulls.

I won't mention the new beastly way Annie deals with her peers (shouting "NO BABY!" and shoving them hard when they come near her without any remorse afterwards) or the canyon that's growing between me and my used-to-be-my-biggest-fan 5-year-old ("You know what I wish mom? I wish that me and Pops could just move away..") because people have all told me that's all NORMAL behavior.

And this week, normal is awesome.

(ps: happy birthday to my wonderful husband this week! He's most of the reason that my normal is so good. Love you babe.)


Debbie said…
Great pictures! Man, we miss you guys... Well, life goes on. Good to hear your stories and feel a little connected.
julie said…
I feel you with the attitude, our little two year old's favorite saying is "No Way"--usually at the top of his lungs!
This is Krista.....I've always loved your photography, you have an eye for a beautiful picture! Just wanted to let you know. And you seriously give me food for thought every time I read your blog, thank you!!!!!!!
Theurer Clan said…
I could read your blog all day. I think you just explain life perfectly! I love the picture in your header! Looks great! I can't believe how tall Zane man is!
Kjerstin said…
That Annie makes me giggle. There have been people I've wanted to shove today. . .giggling again just thinking about it! No baby! :)
Lillie said…
Oh no is that what happens at 5?!! Sophia's in a "you're the best mom ever!" phase... and I almost find myself getting over hearing it... but apparently I'd better eat it up before she's packing her bags.

Happy Birthday Brandon!