Today Annie was extra feisty. And her hair was extra scraggly. So, since I couldn't fix her attitude, I decided to (with the help/expertise/fantasticness of friend deanna) fix her hair.
Scraggles all combed out:
Halfway done (love deanna's concentration here):
Finishing up:
(and you gotta love max and ruby on the mini-dvd to aid with putting Annie's concentration elsewhere!)

And now, voila!

Too bad she's still feisty. :)

ps--hayley, another voila!


Debbie said…
Cute Annie! Cute bag! Cute, cute, cute...
Heather Bigley said…
I think I want that haircut. How much does Deanna charge?
Ann Marie said…
To get along in life it is helpful to be cute if you are going to be feisty. And fashionable too.
Butlers said…
Keem em coming girl! I need you to sell your bags at the shop!! One a day should do it. xoxo
You can roll your eyes now and say.....YEAH right.
Lillie said…
Oh SO cute. Great--- just reminding me that the mullet MY 2 year old is sporting is not in? Bummer. Bobs are so much better. Why is it so hard for me to take the plunge?
Kjerstin said…
I love it! She looks so grown up, and feisty. :)
Hayley & Eric said…
Yay, it is so so cute! Thanks meesh! I love it!
Annie is to stinkin cute, by the way!
missy said…
Loving your pictures Michelle! Beautiful, especially those beachy ones with the gorgeous clouds and your beautiful babies of course.

Did you use a pattern for Annie's skirt in this post? I just got the material to make my girls skirts that I found on MADE but the one Annie has on looks extra cute. Maybe if these go well, I could attempt...hmmm. I'll have to see how they end up first;)

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