Early mornings at our house...

(and by the way, I know that term "early" here is completely subjective)...usually involve Zane waking the rest of us up in some form. His required stay-in-bed-until time is 7am. But I always hope for later. And sometimes, when he's been up too late or is too tired, I even set his clock for a different time, so that "7:00" to him will be more like 7:30 or even, ahem, 8:00. Seriously, I'm living in a dream world I know. I don't do it that often, I promise.

Anyway, MOST days he's pretty much up at 7:00 on the dot. Last week, however, I heard him exclaim "Wow, it's WAY past 7 o'clock! MOM! It's WAY PAST SEVEN O'CLOCK!"

Awesome! I thought. A little bit of natural sleeping in! I called out, asking, "What time is it, Zaneman?"

"It's way past 7 o'clock mom! It's 7:01!"


Okay, so as long as I'm both remembering stories and confessing a little bit, here's another one:
Zane knows that he MUST be ready for school after the first Special Agent Oso vignette is over on tv-it signals to us that it's 8:15, and time to get teeth brushed, shoes on, and be out the door for 8:30 VPK. But as you now know, he gets up quite a bit earlier than that. And he plays nicely in his middle room while his parents hit the snooze button a couple times.

Well anyway, one morning he comes running into our room saying, "Mom, don't I have to be ready for school after the 1st Oso?"

"Yes, Zane, you're right." I reply sleepily.


uh-oh. a bit too many snoozes were hit that morning, apparently. maybe someone should change MY clock, eh?

That Zane man, he's the bomb.

This picture is the last from the keys trip. It brings up two more points I'd like to blog about:

First, I try and space out my blog posts. I don't want to bore/overkill/blah blah blah after all. But then life keeps coming (you will soon see the way Annie showed up to church on Sunday, thanks to her assertive nature, her push-over for a dad, and heather's iphone) and good thoughts and pictures forget to be published. Way to be all you many-posts-at-once people. I'm not quite there yet.

Second, isn't the picture above awesomely imperfect? The background is busy, the gray scale isn't all that extreme, the pose is unremarkable, predictable, etc.

And yet, if I didn't have the rest of the world to compare myself to (aka all of YOU talented folks out there), I would look at it and say to myself, "Great picture taking skills, Michelle!"

Sometimes, I'd like to go back to life before "life/talents/vacations/everything-on-display," just for the sake of my self esteem. In isolation, I'm a great cook, mom, sewer, reader, runner etc.

Therefore, another one of my goals this year (which I'm easing into finally, along with exercise, eating healthy, etc. only took me until the end of february) is to "pretend to be isolated and like it" a little more. My mom managed to be fabulous without searching the web for great recipes or kids' games or parenting techniques or fabric designs or shower gifts or or or. If she could do it, I could at least try, right?

Right after I do a google search for tonight's dinner.

Sigh. So, like everything, there's a balance. Use the convenience and genius of today's technology to improve on my otherwise mediocrity, but without getting completely wrapped up in (and overwhelmed/discouraged by) how much better everyone else is at it already.

And in the meantime, awesome picture taking skills, eh?


Maria said…
Yes. Awesome picture taking skills, Michelle! :) You are so funny, because you described YOURSELF when you were talking about "everyone else" with their talents/vacations/talents, etc. You, my dear, are someone we all read about and wish we could be just a little more like.

Lovin you!!
Brenny said…
I so hear you on the last part of your blog. Everyone out there is so much more talented. Of course, you, Michelle (healthy eating, beach vacation posting, beautiful picture taking, sewing afficianto that you are) are one of those people.

And don't post about not purposely fishing for compliments. I know that wasn't your purpose, I just call it like I see it.
Lillie said…
I found myself nodding and smiling like a member of an televangelist congregation or something. You are SOOOO speaking my heart. I always knew there were people out there better than me at everything I do... but I didn't have to see a hundred of them in 5 minutes with a quick keyboard click. Why do we do it to ourselves?