Since the library day...

I know, I know, I waxed a little inspired in my last post. Don't worry, the real me (and my boring bullets) are back. Without further ado, in the last couple of days:
  • I've been to my 3rd week of motet choir. Have I proclaimed to the world yet that I get to be in this fantastic 6-8 voice choir at the university this semester? I ride my bike over to the music building at the appointed hour on the appointed day (not believing that it was TEN years ago that I was at my first year of college at BYU-H), and sing 16th-century, pre-madrigal, motets (think european cathedrals and a lot of alleluias) to my heart's content. It is out of this world awesome. (I think you all might find it extremely dull. just to bring it to reality a little.)
  • We've been on a date! We saw Avatar in 3-D, and WOW what an amazing event. It seemed to be more than just a movie; perhaps "experience" would be better wording. Wow. Plus, we haven't been to the movies since last summer or something (remember Up, heather? you babysat, you nice gal) so it was like, "Wow this going to the movie concept is really cool!" Happy early birthday to Brandon.
  • I've been sewing. I was thinking I needed a bag for spring, and I had a pattern from the trip to utah for eric and hayley's wedding that I had yet to bust out (remember, it takes me a LONG time to THINK about things before I actually dare begin), so I went for it. But as I went on and on, I decided my sweet neighbor could use it more than me. So, it's finished and hers now. She makes me treats and she watched my kids for AVATAR. Solid gold. And now, solid gold with this bag in hand:
Speaking of this bag, what do you think? I actually used my tried-and-true-and-now-practically-memorized amy butler pattern from last year to make the new pattern more complete (no raw edges showing, fabricked handles attached to the band instead of purchased ones, etc) and I THINK I like it. But in person all that bagginess MIGHT be a bit too....baggy. I think I'll try it again, someday. Hayley, now you have a choice between this one and the birdie sling. we'll talk. The inside lining of this bag is trapezoid-shaped (right? brandon are you out there?), so the poofs are literally floating on the outside. I can't quite decide about it. sigh.
(look, there's my toe. oo, and the linen lining. awesome.)
  • I was privileged tonight to play a piano solo at our church's city-wide semi-annual get-together (stake conference, adult session). It caused me to do some searching early in the week for good lds piano music...which led to a new addition to my sidebar, should any of you need that kind of thing (piano and/or choral). I used "Abide with Me" from Brandon Bascom, and I got lots of compliments from the old folks. They are the ones who matter, right? Anyway, going to the meeting allowed me the opportunity tonight to be edified, uplifted, and reminded that good parenting can be accomplished, and I am capable of it, with the Lord's help. I have been stressing lately about actually raising KIDS (as opposed to keeping babies and toddlers alive and fed), so tonight's thoughts spoke peace to my heart. We CAN do it. We just have to nurture. to listen. to be present. (sound familiar?) to care for and encourage. to uplift and edify. to truly love them for who they are. sounds easy enough, right? :)
Here's to going forward with faith. peace out. :)


Lauren said…
SUPER cute bag. Love it! :) Thanks for the info on the piano/music stuff.
Lillie said…
Great post Shelly--- I'm so with you on the parenting... I'm always just crossing my fingers that the things that come naturally like encouraging and loving them will be enough... and all the areas I'm LACKING won't ruin them. yikes.

I LOVE the bagginess of that bag. It's darling. You have lucky friends. ;)
Annie said…
Cute bag. And you are awesome. Pulling at some music early in the week for a piano solo later in the week!!! I had almost forgot what a superb pianist (and musician) you are.
Ann Marie said…
I love the new bag. How did Zane react to your date? How did you happen to be in a university motet choir? That is so fantastic. Allelalulias are the best. To bad there is no spell check on this blog.
Alyson said…
Loved your thoughts on the library woman. It was inspirational. I sure appreciate how much you blog. I like knowing what is going on with your family. Zane sure looks handsome in his new outfit. Is the seat fixable? Thanks for the reminder too about parenting and the need to be present. I needed to hear that.
PS Cute bag too!
alliehoopes said…
thumbs up, bag lady. this one made me dork out today:

and i love that you get to do your own dull hobby :) i know the feeling when i go play cool jazz big band things with a bunch of old guys.

this is more related to the recent post of annie with the wonderful face. i'm only part way though a certain book: raising your spirited child...but i'm pretty sure it's gonna be a good one in the lily-melting-with-frustration department. you might do yourself good to pick up a copy. i'd send you mine but ya, she's that bad
Butlers said…
Honnnay! Make 10 of those and send them to me. I can sell them in my shop and you can make some $$$! I love them!
Love the bag-Love the parenting message. You rock. :)
Robert said…
Harry Potter World:
The headaches and the nausea
No more 3D, please...

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