Resolutions resolsmutions

Here's a pleasant picture of us, for my records, and for you to have some pleasant to look at while I complain just a little.

Turns out, I'm not much a January 1st resolution-haver. Who knew? Oh sure, the last week of December I start thinking of all the things I'd like to BECOME in the coming year, as opposed to what I am at that moment (which has to be due to loads and loads of treats and nothing more). But when the 1st of January arrives, guess what? I'm still the same me. drats. And I don't have that "new year" energy to jump start myself into betterness the way so many of you do. double drats.

I do have a few examples to look to for comfort. A friend in Idaho told me she always starts her "new year" resolution-wise in July..July is a time to be outside, to eat fresh, to get up earlier, to travel, you get the picture. I love this idea; problem is, right now if I were to say "right, I'll start in JULY" it would be nothing more than procrastination.

One of my favorite bloggers, Simple Mom (who has an end-of-the-year-20-reflection-questions-for-your-journal that I've done both this year and last, and have really enjoyed the opportunity to ponder and record) recently had a guest blogger (Lisa from who I think says it better than I could (these next three sentences are directly pasted from simplemom's website. Go there and read the whole thing, so she gets full credit, not me):

1. Winter is a time for setting not starting goals.

2. When we identify meaningful personal goals, having a plan toward achieving them is essential for success.

3. If winter is for reflection, spring is for action. The planning and preparation that you do in winter, will naturally lead to the energy and focus of acting on your goals come springtime.

This sounds so much more realistic to me than having to go cold turkey on all things "slipped up from last year" on january 1. Hopefully spending some more time reflecting will help me prepare to have a wonderful, action-filled spring time..and since spring comes in February here, I know I don't have long to wait.

As for today? We all slept in a bit in our cozy beds, and are now spending the day inside, together (it's only 30 degrees outside, after all. our blood is thin!), watching movies and having tea parties and playing go fish. we might even have brownies after dinner. Happy New Year!

And as I start setting some goals for this new year, here's a good quote we heard the other night on the PBS special about happiness: Find out where your happiness lies and start marching in the direction. Maybe I can gather a few of these quotes to live from, instead of relying solely on "This year I will eat this many calories and run this many miles." wish me luck.

Now, onto a couple more moments from our vacation that didn't fit into the breath-taking beach scroll-downs.

Zane has an ongoing joke with Aunt Lindsey about eating veggies and growing too big. She curses him every time he's done it, which makes him giggle and reach for more carrots. We thought this picture captured his enthusiasm quite was taken in the town of Cocoa, Fl, during an evening walk downtown:

Sorry Aunt Lindsey!

Our pricelined motel room (a great way to go if you can be flexible--we got each night for 50% their usual price) was situated differently than I've ever seen. When you walk in, about 1/3 of the way back on the left, there was a little "space cove" for the kids with a bunk bed, another kid-sized bed, and a tv/dvd player. Incredible!

Having this little separation between parents and kids at bed time made all the difference for us. I was worried about Annie, but she did GREAT on the bottom bunk (don't worry, i didn't leave her unattended on the top bunk)--she loved snuggling back into the corner, and only fell off once I think. :) It was delightful.

Annie also took full advantage of other parts of the room. She crawled into more than one dresser drawers:

And of course, she couldn't get over this magical pool in the bathroom (known to all of you as a bathtub). She would have stayed in there the whole trip!

(She also enjoyed the chocolate chip cookies at the front desk, which you may or may not have already noticed.)
As for one more speck of information, all the pictures from our trip were taken with our beloved little nikon d40. I know that for some of you, this is so-five-years-ago. But it works wonderfully for us, and I don't ever plan on upgrading, mostly because I know I'll never be good enough to deserve it. leave the professional shots to the professionals!


Sharon said…
I've coveted that camera for a while now but Steve got me a D3000 for Christmas. Now I just need to learn how to run it. :-)
Alyson said…
The loved your honesty on goals. My success with goals this year (so far) is because I started most of them in November. I think when you get an idea to do something to impove you should jump on it when the inspiration comes and not wait until New Years. It also helps when your husband makes a goal check list that he puts in the bathroom and you see it constantly. How can you not do something then?
Alyson said…
Linz says when she comes to visit next month she will steal ALL of the carrots and make Zane eat only ice cream and watch movies all day. No playing outside and getting stronger either.
Lillie said…
Oh Shelly--- thankyou so much for giving me new breathing room!! I love this perspective. Step one, reflect and set the goals... I've still got time to take action... I'm really liking this... SO sold.
Ann Marie said…
Good thoughts on goals. It does put a lot of pressure on one to set them all in January and keep them up all year (actually I can usually go for two or three days). So I read a magazine article about goals and this person sets one every month and adds to them. My current goal is to get to work on time. (not to worry I just take a 5 minute shorter lunch to make up for five minutes late) - but I want the freedom of having my entire lunch hour and not be 'owing' the library time. So far so good.